Sunday, July 28, 2013

July Favorites

1. Jean Vest {H&M} {$29.95}

Denim Vest

Denim Vest - from H&M
Vest in washed denim with heavily distressed effects. Chest pockets with flap and button, adjustable tab with fastener at back, and frayed edges around armholes. Slightly shorter at back.

I'd been wanting a jean vest for quite some time, although the numbers on the price tags usually swayed me towards the "I can wait" thinking. Just a couple of months ago I bit the bullet and purchased one from H&M. It's honestly one of my favorite purchases of my life. It's very versatile and can be worn with anything and is perfect when you wear shirts that don't have thick enough straps to hide your bra straps, but you don't want to wear a strapless bra (or don't have the boobs to hold up a strapless bra lol). It's totally worth the money and after having it for over two months and knowing what I know now, I'd most likely spend $50 or $60 on it.

2. Fossil Wristlet {Fossil} {$30}


Or as they call it *insert snobby rich woman voice* a "Key-Per Carryall Case". All snide remarks aside, I freaking love this thing. I can fit my iPhone inside of it, money, change, my permit (soon to be license might I add), and gift cards. Mine isn't this exact pattern as I couldn't find it on their website but in all honesty I'd take any of them in a heart beat. Like most girls, I dreamed of owning a Fossil something, purse, watch, wallet, anything. I ventured into their store when I was at the beach and was very surprised when I saw that it was on sale for $20. I had been looking at similar wristlets at Target that were around $15, so I figured I'd pay the extra five dollars, I mean you pay for the brand, right? Surprisingly when I got to the register it ended up being a little less than $15 including tax and I sure as heck didn't argue. Nothings better then going to pay for something and it ends up being less than you expected.

3. Yes to Tomatoes Acne Spot Stick {Drug Stores} {$9.99}

Yes to

This stuff has been my go to when I get a new pimple for quite a long time now. It's worth every bit of the $10 you pay for it and it lasts for a pretty good amount of time. I've never used a single product that took away my zits faster than this little stick right here. I found it in one of my local drug stores a while back and I when I went to buy one for my friend for her birthday (she uses mine constantly but has yet to find a spare $10 to buy one for herself) I couldn't find it ANYWHERE. Most drug stores sell the Yes to products but none of them sold the acne stick. The drug store I had bought mine at was out of stock and after trying Target and three other drug stores I finally found it at Walmart, so if all else fails, try Walmart.

4. NYC Color Wheel Mosiac Face Powder {Drug Stores} {$4.99}


I've been using this blush for a little over a year now and I'm pretty sure I'll never be going back to any other brand. My friend directed me to it while I was in Florida after being very disappointed with the CoverGirl blush I had most recently purchased. This stuff works wonders and like most make-up, lasts FOREVER. I bought my first one last August and it's still going strong.

5. American Eagle Boxers {American Eagle} {$12.50}

American Eagle

Ok, don't judge, but my friends and I have this thing for sleeping in boxers. And to be honest, they're like the most comfortable thing ever. I usually buy mine when American Eagle has their entire store 40% off (which is like once a month), because all the times I've gone, it has included boxers making them about $8. Now, you can buy boxers anywhere, but my favorite pairs are all from American Eagle because they usally have funny (and mostly perverted) sayings on them. You'll thank me later.

Have a fabulous day.

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