Thursday, July 28, 2016


So once again, it's been a while. I just got back from a mash of five separate trips causing me to be away from home five out of the past seven weeks. I, however, have no regrets. I am so thankful for the diverse trips I was fortunate enough to go on. Everyone says you should spend as much time as possible home the summer before you go to college, but being able to travel with both my family and friends has been such a beautiful experience. My heart is full to say the least.

I recently got back from Target where I bought a journal. This blog itself has been a wonderful online journal, but I want something a tad more private. I've been having a lot of emotions recently (I am the first to admit I am a sentimental fuck), so I am hoping this journal will be a nice place to document and write through my feelings. A combination of travel and leaving my hometown for college is mostly to blame for all of this, but it's all good.

Before I sign off on this blog post, there is something I need to share with you all. For the past two months, I thought long and hard about closing my blogging era down. I simply felt as if I did not have an adequate amount of time anymore to devote to this place, and yet, I could not fathom ending my blog. I love, love, love writing here. I love the community, and the reflection this blog allows. Just know that whether I write three blog posts a day or three blog posts a year, I'll still be here.

And on that note, have a fabulous day.