Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Awards and Such

A while back I was nominated for the Liebster Award and about two weeks ago I was nominated again by Tara at Tara Therese. I am embarrassingly finally getting around to doing this award that has an awful lot of stipulations that one must follow, but I'm okay with that because, hey, easy blog post idea.

Because every post needs pictures.

11 Facts:

1. For the past year I've been longing to switch to being called by my middle name. I have an average first name that I share with about 100 other people in my tiny school. Okay maybe not that many, but a lot more than I'd like. There's absolutely no other person with my middle name within a 100 mile radius from my house, or at least I estimate. But alas, at 16 the whole name changing thing would be quite the lost cause. A dreamer can dream though.

2. I can't choose a practical occupation for the life of me. I simply tell people I want to be a nurse (and hopefully/eventually a nurse practitioner), because at the moment it's the one that I would enjoy the most that wouldn't spur a dozen questions about job outlook or wages or what the hell is that even questions. Secretly I'd love to be a political scientist or a coroner/medical examiner or a journalist or a published author or all of the above, but school isn't cheap I hear.

3. I have this strange obsession with what my twenties will be like. I often get asked why I choose to be a nurse and not a doctor because I generally do well and enjoy school, but it's simply because I have this grand scheme of adventures and plans and fantasticness that I'm positive will take place in my twenties that do not involve medical school, a stressful no down time job as a resident, and a mountain of student loans that's in six digits. (Holy run on sentence. Please excuse that as I have no motivation to fix it. Hope you'll understand). I want to travel and eat strange shit and make friends and move cities and see Broadway shows and stuff.

4. I'm very afraid someone from my school will find this blog and put two and two together and realize it's me. Like very very very afraid.

5. I have this strange thing where I have strange dreams about doing strange things with celebrities. I've had frozen yogurt with Jenna Marbles (the Youtuber). I've opened a Mexican restaurant that only sold tacos with Ellen. I once went to Kylie Jenner's house and made sandwiches. I also played Candy Crush with Kim Kardashian in her limo. I even performed open heart surgery on Kim Kardashian and Buddy from the Cake Boss made a cake for the occasion (and this was all separate from the previously mentioned candy crush/Kim Kardashian dream). It's strange, I'm tellin' ya.

6. I've recently had this out of nowhere aspiration to be president. Like, a legit, for real, wanting to become president. I've thought about what policies I'd implement and what I'd do and say, but the odds of it happening are slimmer than a model's thighs. Also, I hear there aren't a lot of job openings.

7. I'm currently working to bring tie dye back into fashion. It's quite a shame it ever went out.

8. I'm an only child and I used to hate hate hate it so much. I have a good friend who was five siblings and I used to pray every night that I could be her (seriously, true story here people). It's an odd thing being an only child and not many people can understand what it's like. I guess what always got to me was the assumption that I was spoiled and had my parents never ending devoted attention all to myself. Or when people would say "wow you must be so lucky, I wish I was you." The grass is always greener.

9. I follow an embarrassingly high amount of "mommy bloggers". I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before, but I'm running out of things to talk about on here. Not sure why I have such a compelling feeling to follow them, but hey, the kids are pretty cute.

10. I've been reading one week old blog posts for a solid three weeks now. I just can't seem to catch up. So if I comment on a post you wrote a week and a half ago, don't be surprised as I'm probably just now getting to it.

11. I really have been wanting to expand my blog for a while now but lack of time or energy or means to do so or all of the above have been keeping me from doing so. Hopefully I'll get around to it. Hopefully.

Questions from Tara:

1. Do you like to take distorted pictures of yourself?
Can't say I ever really have. But I'm sure it'll happen sometime in my strange life.
2. How would you describe yourself?
A stressed self conscious rad teenager who just wants to drop out of school and write shit and learn cool stuff all day.

3. What’s your best joke?
Why did the worker get fired from the calendar factory?

He wanted to take a day off.

4. If you had to change your name, what name would you pick?
I already unknowingly answered this in my 11 facts, but I would definitely make it my middle name. Or I would name myself Luna from the Harry Potter movies. I have a slight addiction to that girl.
5. Do you collect clothes tags?
YES. Unknowingly, but yes, especially if they look super cool and awesome. I always throw them on my dresser and think to myself "wow these look fan-freaking-tastic I can't just throw them away" and then five months later I begin to resemble a house from "Hoarders: Buried Alive".
6. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Probably hard shell tacos or homemade pub chips (or does pub chips imply homemade?).
7. Choose one: Famous, rich, or attractive
I wish I could choose one that wasn't connotationally self absorbed, but I can't. Most likely rich. Money gets you places. Sadly. 
8. Do you have a favorite letter?
Probably Z, because I love writing it in cursive. Or X because in kindergarten it never had a word that started with its poor self. It was always stuck with fox or ox, that poor thing.
9. Chocolate or peanut butter?
Hands down (or spoons down) peanut butter. Not really a huge fan of chocolate, but I could eat peanut butter out of the jar all day long. Believe me, it's happened.
10. Would you be chosen to act as Snow White or the wicked step mother?
(So I totally read this as "Who would you be, Snow White or the wicked step mother?" and because I don't want to re-answer this question, I'm going to keep my original one. Ooops.) 
My inclination to be different wants me to go with the wicked step mother because, hello, everyone else would choose Snow White. Like come on, the wicked step mother totally ran shit herself and didn't rely on the dad to do things unlike Snow White who couldn't even wake herself up. She relied on a prince to awaken her with most likely the worst kiss anyone could ever receive. But the wicked step mother no matter the story is totally independent and cynical and fantastic. AKA me. 
11. Which is your favorite hair color: pink, blue, or green?
Probably pink, but I'm not one to die my whole hair a non-natural color. Although I do have this thing for dying a strip of my hair different colors. My current favorite is red, which is basically pink, right?
My 11 Questions:
1. Favorite conspiracy theory?
2. Least believable conspiracy theory that you cling to as still being possible?
3. What piece of legislation would you enact to the world if we lived in a twisted society where the entire globe was governed by one person (aka you)?
4. Saddest moment of your life (let's get personal people)?
5. If you could give one piece of advice to a room of crowded people that were actually listening to you and not playing candy crush on their phone, what words would you utter out of your mouth?
6. Favorite TV show that would make you skip your cousins wedding so you could catch the season finale?
7. The oddest unknown fact you've every stumbled across?
8. Your biggest fear about your future?
9. The worst book you've ever read that you're still embarrassed you ever even gave it a try?
10. What is important enough to go to war over?
11. Favorite post(s) of yours?
Basically nominating the same people I did last time because I suck at that part. I'm also not nominating 11 people because I also suck at that part. 
Makayla @ Imperfect Fables
Purple Mist @ Insomnia Strikes

Kanra Khan @ The Emo Wolverine

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Reason Behind Why Everything Always Works Out in the End

I'm a worrier. I worry about everything from chemistry tests to prom shoes to things that aren't happening for another year. As a worrier, the phrase that gets tossed into my face like a bandaid all too often is "everything will work out in the end," and I can truly say, everything always has.

But I've gotten to thinking about all these things. Is it really that everything always works out in the end, or that in the end we simply learn to accept what happened, therefore it works out? Is it really that everything will be alright or that we make do with happened and naturally make it alright?

For example, the situations you're handed and the cards you're dealt aren't ever always what you'd like them to be. But you make it work. You make do. You make things happen with what you have. In the end, everything works out because you made it work out.

Things don't simply become okay because it's the rule of life and they absolutely have to. Human nature and your own will and actions makes things work out in the end. You're own worrier self who put yourself in this situation will eventually solve it.

And I know this sounds like some self help speech that I'm about to give to a group of recovering addicts, but just thought I'd open my mouth and speak.

But better things to come my friends, better things to come.

Just a little thought for the day. And with that, have a fabulous one.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Posts Will Be Written

I've got four half written posts and four completely free days. I'm going to make shit happen starting tomorrow. No worries. 

Happy whatever it be you're celebrating today. Have a fabulous day. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

That One Time I Forgot I Had a Blog

I'll admit I took a month and two days off of blogging. I'll admit I should have left an occasional post saying I was still here and not murdered and cut into a 13 pieces by a serial killer. I'll also admit it was nice to drop this for a little while so I could focus on other things that were as equally important to this, but needed a little bit more of attention.

Between my parents going out of town and me going out of town and trying to find a cure for AIDS and getting that book on the theory of relativity done, I needed a short break from here.

Alas, do not worry as ironically during this blogging hiatus I've had a burst of ideas and thoughts and things that I've started working on, so hopefully we can all get back on the same train track.

Have a fabulous day.