Saturday, November 24, 2012

Top Five Most Annoying Things People Do While Black Friday Shopping

For the past couple of years, I've endured the Black Friday crowd with my mom and best friend. Over time, I've come up with a list of things that drive me absolutely crazy while shopping, things that you would think were common sense not to do, but people do it anyways.

1. People Who Bring Their ENTIRE Family
Now, I understand maybe an older child, ten at the youngest, but please don't bring all fifteen of your children. It's especially irritating when they not only bring their entire clan, but also their husband, proving that their was somebody to watch the kids while they shopped. Even worse, is when it's three in the morning and their four month old is wailing, the two year old is pitching a tantrum, and the eight and nine year olds are having star wars fights with tubes of wrapping paper. Not only is this a sign of bad parenting, but get yourself together, like seriously.

2. People Who Stop in the Middle of a Store
I don't care if you dropped a hundred dollar bill or found the best deal ever on tooth brushes, don't freakin' stop. Even worse, don't get mad at me when I bump into you because you stopped in the middle of a store to check your cell phone.

3. People Who Apply for Store Credit Cards on Black Friday
This has to be the absolute worst. You would think it would be a given, don't apply for any of the ten billion things you'll be asked to do at a register when there's fifty people behind you, but no, it happens. I got behind a lady at American Eagle who not only applied for a rewards card, but just as she was about to leave said, "So this is my American Eagle credit card?", and the cashier responds with, "No ma'am, but would you like to sign up for one of those as well?", and you can guess what happened next.

4. People Who Bring Strollers
Now, this one kind of goes along with #1, but it's so annoying I figured it needed a number all to itself. I will give parents the benefit of the doubt. For whatever reason, you must bring along your sleeping toddler, and so it does do some justice to keep them from throwing a tantrum from standing too long. But then  there's the parents who drive their strollers like they just drank every single bottle of wine in Aunt Edna's house before they came here. Not only that, but it's even worse when they let their three year old, who's barely tall enough to see over the stroller, drive the stroller. Also, do parents not realize how hard it is to drive a stroller through a small store and then realize that it's going to be extremely crowded since it's kinda like, you know, Black Friday?

5. People Who Act Like Their Child Will Die if They Don't Get One of the $5 Movies from Walmart
I will admit, a fight on Black Friday is like the funniest thing ever, but seriously? You're what, like forty, and you're fighting over a T.V.? Get yourself together.

Only in America do people trample each other for a sale, just a day after they give thanks for what they have.

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