Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Sunday Reflection

In my opinion, Sundays are for far more than just church. It's for doing things that you are too busy to do during the weekday, like painting your toenails:

Or trying out new outfits:

Or my personal favorite, homework that I left to do till the last day:

In reality, Sundays are meant for cherishing. You know that tomorrow will bring school or work, so you try to grasp onto every ounce of it that you can. You add a couple of extra words into your prayer, you hug a little tighter, your "I love you"s and "see you tomorrow"s seem to mean a little more, linger in the air a little longer.

Sundays are meant to be enjoyed.


  1. I am the you choosed as the best answers in your question in Yahoo Answer. Good luck to your blogging. God bless

    1. Thanks so much for checking my blog out, it really means a lot. (: