Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Have a Fabulous Chistmas

I woke up this morning feeling as if a train had hit me and then quietly rolled out of my room. I'm currently bringing you this post to you in an alka sezter haze and I wish I could write more but I have some Tylenol calling my name. 

Needless to say, the Christmas post has been postponed, but here's a sneak preview:

Have a fabulous Christmas. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Until Then

I took an unintentional turned intentional week and a half break this month. I had a lot of final homework that was shoved in my face the week before we got out for break and although I've been out of school for almost four days, I'm still trying to tie up some loose ends.

Also I feel I need to address something that I wrote on my last post. I've been planning this super fantastic new blog series that I intended to start last, last Monday (not yesterday, but the week before). The thing is, I totally chickened myself out of it that day during school. I had everything written and typed and all I needed to do was get myself to click publish. I had a lot of anxiety in starting the new series to begin with, and I'm just not there yet. Until I can talk myself back up, it'll sit in the drafts folder, but maybe some day in the coming new year I can bring myself to share it with you.

Not only have I not written one word on the blog for almost two weeks, but I haven't taken a single picture. You'll have to live with a re-share for the time being, but I've got some ideas for a post tomorrow that will include pictures and real thoughts and a post that hopefully has a meaning. Maybe.

Until then, have a fabulous day.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Nothing to Write, Yet Lots to Say

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read my post from a few days ago. It felt good to get all that struggling and confusion off my chest. I'm hoping that I can get myself together for a second post of that sorts so fingers crossed. Also thanks for all those who took the simple measure to click on your reaction (it's located at the bottom of every post if you're unfamilar) and for the comment and email I received! I know the whole unplural wording of comment and email seems very insignificant, but as a blog writer to 14 followers that's a pretty good outcome.

I love being able to read my comments, emails, and even the reactions that people click at the bottom of my posts. It all seems silly and unimportant, but it's something I enjoy. I love feedback and opinions and advice and thanks so much for sharing them!

In all honesty, I have nothing of signifigance to enlighten you all on today. I'm probably going to ramble on about who knows what because I'm getting that feeling that it's about time for a new post and not having anything to write should never stop anyone.

I'm having a hard time getting myself outside to take pictures in the increasingly cold as a popsicle air. I'm also in dire need of a change of scenery and perhaps a slight change in picture taking devices. I've been using my iPhone for almost a year and I'd love a DSLR, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. My parents have talked about buying one for our entire family's use as they know very little about my photography career, but who knows if that'll ever happen. I also get such fear in the whole choosing a camera process. There are too many choices and brands and models that I don't know if I can ever figure out which one will be just right. I don't want to spend upwards of five or six or even seven hundred dollars and then find out there's a better camera. Sigh.

I'm also holding my breath for some snow.

We had a slight shower a few weeks ago, but it didn't stick in the least and I've been DYING to photograph a snow covered yard. It's such an interesting element and considering I'm always confined to one picture taking space (my yard), a change in anything is a cause for celebration and photo taking.

Also, the countdown for Christmas seemed to have started ages ago and we're already coming really close to the end. If we're being honest here, I always dread Christmas day. We build it up so much in the two months prior to the holiday and yet once my clock hits 12:01 a.m. the day after Christmas, I feel so awful and depressed and yearning for it to all come back. I want to go back to the 24/7 holiday fantasticness and the anticipation of the day that seems to have so much meaning even though I've outgrown the childhood image of it. Christmas is too fleeting and I wish there was a way we could change that.

I always find it so hard to end Christmas and have to somehow continue on with life. I've recently decided to start a petition for a year round Christmas feeling which I hope you will join.

Here's to one more day till the weekend. Enjoy Friday. Throw some confetti and eat cake batter on Saturday. Read a nice book and stuff your face with a few or ten packs of gummies on Sunday. And even enjoy yourself on Monday.

Also, I've just started planning something that I hope will take place every Monday from now on till forever. It's something that I have a lot of interest in and can't wait to share and write every single week.

Until then, have a fantastic day.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Religion (My View as a Teenager)

As a teenager, I've found that I often speculate on things that other teenagers don't seem to think too much about. I'm a self proclaimed deep thinker. One of my favorite things to do is sit in my room windows open and just think to the tune of whoever makes my soul happy at the moment. I like opinion sharing and exchanging and knowing where I stand on certain subjects, and I often take this time to decide where exactly I'm going to stand.

And the one thing I can't seem to get my grasp on is religion.

I'm suspecting a few people quit reading after that final word. Religion is a big huge boulder that some people run away from entirely, while others let it hit them full on with acceptance. Then there are some who stand under it cautiously, but run away as soon as it seems that it could possibly topple onto them. You're either completely against it, totally immersed in it, or somewhere in the middle that may or may not gain you the acceptance of the two other sides.

If you're unaware, I live in the deep south. For those either foreigners to America or unfamiliar with the concept, the deep south is easily characterized by God and sweet tea. We face a huge stereotype that most can never overcome.

There are two main types of people living here. Strong willed Christians who love Wednesday night potlucks in their church's basement and sporting around their republican t-shirts who have quite the opinion on gay people, Obamacare/the Affordable Care Act, and abortion. Then there are those who seem to want the exact opposite of their counterparts. They love gay marriage, their pro-choice bumper stickers, and sleeping in every Sunday morning. And don't get me wrong, there are people living below the Mason Dixon Line (aka the south for those unfamilar with this phrase) who don't fall under either of these categories. I know many of them and currently I'd declare myself as one of them, but the above are the main stereotypes that live in my community.

But back to the current point. With such differing religious viewpoints filling my life, it's easy to let myself wonder about God and the Bible and Jesus and all that jazz.

Before I go any further though, I feel some sort of back story needs to take place here. I often think these types of conversations must include your own religious background just to help make the muddled picture a little less muddled.

All my life I was fed Bible stories and scripture verses until I could repeat them myself. The amount of sermons I've sat through I can guarantee is in the thousands. I'm Lutheran, which is a branch of Christianity that was started by a pretty rad guy named Martin Luther. He's honestly one of my favorite people. He didn't like what the Catholic Church was doing at the time and didn't hesitate to let them know how he was feeling about all this. Martin Luther stood up for what he believed in, which is basically the holy grail of things that you can do to impress me. He didn't intend to start a new branch of Christianity separate of Catholicism, he just wanted to reform the Catholic Church, but one thing lead to another, and now we have Lutherans. If you ever have a spare moment, put Martin Luther's name in Google's search box.

The main point here though, is that my religious upbringing I'm sure was done perfect according to the books. I wasn't smothered by religion nor was I brought up in a household of Christian hating Bible burners. But no matter the upbringing I had, I've found so many doubts in my own religion.

You see, the south is extremely conservative. People often wish that "all those homosexuals" (imagine that with a southern accent and it'll make that statement even more realistic as I've probably heard it a hundred times by my fellow southerners) and abortion clinics would just go away. And I don't care what others try to say, the south is very intolerant of other religions. They think all Muslims are terrorists/women's rights oppressors who are out to ruin our 'Merica (thanks 9-11) and atheists just need to be smothered in a blanket of bible stories and "you're going to hell" statements in order to bring them back to Christianity.

The shunning of homosexuals and judgmental lives of others, makes me question so many of the things I was brought up believing. Most of the things I've mentioned in this post haven't really come from people within my own church. We have a large population of Catholics and Baptist (both conservative branches of Christianity) living within my community and although I by no means want to put the blame on them, a good portion of these comments have stemmed from their mouths. I specifically remember on a field trip in sixth grade (for those unaware of the American education system children in this grade are usually 11/12 years old) the topic of gay people was brought upon our minds by a young girl on the bus ride home. The girl had an uncle who was gay and as she was never one to shy away from personal matters, this was somehow shoved into our conversation. Now another young boy who is a very devout Baptist and I'm actually very good friends with, made his view known. He spewed memorized Bible verses into the girl's ears about how her uncle needed to change his ways and how homosexuality was a sin and he would for sure go to hell.

The conversation ended in yelling between the two children and with tears streaming from the girl's face, she was moved to a separate part of the bus.

It's all these things and more that makes me question the validity of the Bible and the God that I for sure without a doubt thought existed only two short years ago. There's so much in religion that's left to faith and simply believing in what's fed into your mind and I have a hard time doing that. I like questions and what I like even more are answers and clear answers are hard to find in the world of religion, you're just expected to believe and continue on with life. I strongly think that the Christians who try so hard to mold atheists into born again Christians are doing it all wrong. If they want them to turn back to God, they need solid evidence to help them understand the whirlwind of Christianity. Atheists often hold on to the foundation of "there's no evidence of any of this happening" and simply shrug off the "Jesus freaks" who won't quit pestering them.

I hate a lot of things about my own religion to be honest. I hate that they can't accept gay people. I hate that they feel it's okay to judge others for their own sin, when they are sinners themselves. I hate that a lot of them rely on their own interpretation of the Bible, believing some things and discrediting others. I mean, what ludicrous method do they use to decide what still applies today and what doesn't? Shouldn't you either believe in the whole thing or none of it at all?

And I hate their notion of who is/isn't going to heaven. I don't understand how a person in a small village in Africa who dies at the age of three and has never even heard the words God, Jesus, etc. ever escape from someone's lips go to hell. If this is true, how can God place a child in a family of non-Christians who will never be spoken the word of The Lord and place another in a Christian, faith based family and expect them both to live up to the same religious expectations. If God loved us all, wouldn't he place us all in picture perfect religious households so we could all learn about Him and go to heaven?

I also don't understand how divorce and remarriage after divorce is acceptable (even though the Bible deems it as a sin unless the spouse partook in adultery) while gay marriage and the acceptance of homosexuals is constantly beaten down by Christians every where. I honestly just want one of the Duggar's kids to come out as gay. Or the Pope to be gay. Or for every over zealous conservative Christian to be given a gay child to show them that they are just like them, a sinner. If they can get into heaven, then so can their gay child. Just because they're committing a sin doesn't deny them their place in heaven just like all the sins YOU'VE committed hasn't denied your place. There's also nothing in the Bible that justifies shunning and hurting gays. Does love your neighbor as yourself mean nothing to you?

I don't really know how to end this properly. I'm full of other doubts that I want to write about, but it seems another post may need to be written. I'm having a hard time facing my religion that I've known for 16 years. Or maybe I'm having a hard time facing those who call themselves "Christians".

It's really really hard and it sucks ass, to be honest.

I feel like I just need to pray and read the Bible or something, but this post helped. It feels good to voice my struggles.

Re-sharing this picture, because I hate posts with no pictures. And not to mention I love this picture. 

Have a fabulous day.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fall and Stuff

Fall seemed to end just as quickly as it arrived with its pumpkin decorated lawns and pretty leaves and chilled air that may or may not require a coat. Although autumn isn't essentially over according to the calendar, the trees and weather begs to tell a different story.

I'm enjoying things like snowman plates and half days of school because of icey roads. We even got our first snow last week, little tiny puffs of white that didn't bother to stick to the millions of blades of grass on hopeful kid's front lawns, but it was alright. It was a good omen for the upcoming winter, which we are all crossing our fingers has a forecast littered with snow.

Most of my pictures today are in black and white as I'm finding that's my new favorite filter (although it's not really a filter at all). I love how the two colors allow you to focus on details and the usually unnoticed aspects of pictures. Tiny ridges and wrinkles and spots seem to dance when they're colored with black and white.

But back to fall. It's been cheerful and crayon-y and warming to my soul. Colors and happy things like cider and sweaters melt in my pot of fantasticness (a great thing to have by the way). Fall always seems to slip away unnoticed after the cold weather and snow slam into the atmosphere and nobody every wonders whatever happened to the season of red leaves and chilly air.

Poor fall, you will be missed.

And my apologies for the shortness of all of this. I'm way behind in school and people time and blogging and reading other's blogs and life, but who isn't nowadays? I'm currently averaging three mental breakdowns every week over classes, but shoutout to those fantastic people who made sure I could go to school as a female. I'm also struggling over the thirteen hundred (just a rough guesstimate) things on my to do list which I haven't even accomplished the first thing which is to write down the to do list.

But who cares. Let's all take a deep breath and makes some Christmas cookies or something.

Have a fabulous day. 

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Disabled Baby Denied Heart Transplant (My Somewhat Opinion + So Much More)

Just today I decided that I wanted to be one of those people who reads the newspaper and visits CNN to read insightful articles that would make good conversation with others in the coming days. As I happily made my way to CNN this afternoon, I came across this article of a little boy who was denied his heart transplant by his doctors ultimately because of his genetic condition that called for a life of mental and physical disabilities.

Originally the doctors made up their own medical reasons as to why the boy couldn't receive the transplant, but after extensive research by the mother that included comments and research from the man that discovered the genetic condition himself, their reasons were concluded invalid. Even though multiple doctors who specialized in genetics and the condition itself noted that the boy's genetic condition shouldn't prevent him from a successful transplant, the doctors still refused. Prior to being diagnosed, the boy's doctors said he would be a good candidate for a transplant, but after receiving news of his condition they then decided that he could no longer benefit from a new heart. But if according to the other doctors, his condition shouldn't effect his ability to have a successful transplant, then why all of a sudden did his own doctors feel he shouldn't receive a transplant after his genetic diagnosis? That's what the little boy's mother asked herself. All the whirlwind of false reasonings and doctors who eventually quit giving her clear reasons as to why he was being denied the transplant, it was brought to the conclusion that the boy was being discriminated against because of his disability.

The little boy, Maverick, discussed in the article. CNN
The article then goes on to talk about other individuals who had disabilities ranging from Autism to Down Syndrome who were also being discriminated against and given false seasonings as to why they weren't given the chance at a transplant. Even with medical research that shows that children with these delays and disabilities fare just as well medically post transplant as other children, they're still being denied the access to new organs.

At first when the article mentioned the mother self diagnosing her son's inability to receive a transplant as discrimination, I thought that she could have been quite simply overreacting (as all parents normally do in such situations). To be honest, we as Americans often pull the discrimination card quite often whether it be in terms of disability or race, we seem to think our problems arise from our differences to others around us.

But as I read more into the article and read other accounts of individuals, it seemed to piece itself together. The boy's parents were being fed false ideas concerning their son's ability to receive and benefit from a new organ. The article even made clear that doctors have been known to discriminate against people with mental disabilities in terms of who receives the organ.

I'm not here to discuss his individual story though, but more of the idea as a whole. It was the urge for me to read the first few comments of the article that ignited this post. I expected people to be fairly sympathetic towards the little boy, with maybe a few having opposing arguments, but that was not the case.

Of the comments I read (and I didn't read them all as holy cow there were more than 2,500), a good majority of people sided with the doctors. Now, I'm a sucker for everyone having their opinion and I was very interested as to why they thought it was okay to deny this child an organ because he was mentally disabled. Their opinions were ignorant to say the least. Actually, I'm going to say their words broke my teenage heart.

Most comments went along the lines of  "I completely agree with the doctors here. Organs are a scarcity and when they do become available they need to be given to a candidate that can live a full life and contribute to society. You have to think that a child died to give up that organ and it needs to go to another child who can do great things with it."

Their words make sense to an extent. The organ should go to an adult/child that can live a prosperous life and truly benefit from the organ, but it's more of what they're implying. By agreeing with the doctors and saying they had the right to deny this boy a heart (along with what they previously said), they're entailing that a child with disabilities can't live a full life. They're saying that a child with mental and physical delays can't contribute to society. They're saying a child with Autism or Down Syndrome can't do great things, therefore should be bypassed when it comes to transplants and the organ should be given to a normal child.

And I'm not talking about the above being one comment. There were multiple people repeating the same thing. Some even went as far as saying if their child died, they'd want their organs to go to a normal child who could live a long and fulfilling life.

It seems that people's ignorance has led them to believe that those with "special needs" can't live a fulfilling life and it hurts so bad for me to think that others have this mindset. To be honest, I thought our country had for the most part, already overcome the hurdle that stated those with mental and physical disabilities can't amount to anything, and it pains me to think otherwise.

There is so much that I've learned in my incredibly short life span about those who were once deemed worthless. There's a young girl with Down Syndrome who works a full time job at a local restaurant where I live who delivers food to guests with no help or direction as to where the food should go aside from a name and ticket number on the receipt. I have a very good childhood friend who has Autism that I see accomplish great things every day and has never once made me think Autism was in any way a mental disability. There's a girl at my school who wears the tag special needs yet never fails to stop me in the hallway by name to have a conversation with me about my classes and how my day is going. It pains me to think that if either one of these people needed a transplant, they could quite possibly be overlooked because they have a disability.

Quite honestly, I'm going to stop here even though I have so much anger and hurt still pounding inside of me. I'm going to leave this post on the note that I hope you all consider donating your organs in hopes that one day there won't be a need to pick and choose who receives a kidney as there will be an abundance of them.

I also hope that one day my dear friends can all be viewed as equals in the eyes of our society. Have a fabulous day.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

One Year(ish) Anniversary

Side note: My one year anniversary was actually Saturday, but leave it to me to screw something up. I kept telling myself the one year mark was Black Friday and then it hit me that Black Friday is never the same date every year. Oops. 

Today marks one year and four days since I sat down to write this four sentence (if you count my caption) blog post. It is quite possibly the shortest post I've ever written (and I say quite possibly because there's no way I'm going back through all my old posts to qualify that statement). 

I really wanted to just have a big throwback wednesday and re-link and re-share all my favorite posts and pictures in honor of this occasion, but then I realized I did that for my 100th blog post and I'm pretty sure there's some unsaid blog etiquette book that says you can only do that every 100 posts or so. Even if there's not, we probably shouldn't risk it.

So instead I had to reach far into the creative part of my brain which I'm 90% sure doesn't really exist and come up with something spectacular. After a few days hours minutes of contemplating, I came up with a plan.

Without further ado, I'm proud to say that I might finally give you some insight in to who I am, but in groups of four to honor those rad four sentences that started it all.


TV Shows that I Waste Spend a Lot of Time Watching

1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Bones
3. Toddlers and Tiaras (let's not judge here)
4. Ellen

Current Favorite Songs

1. Dead Sea - Lumineers

2. Otherside - Macklemore ft. Ryan Lewis

3. Tennis Court - Lorde

4. Demons - Imagine Dragons

Favorite Things that Don't Have a Catagory

1. dark purple nail polish
2. eating spicy things then drinking my weight in Dr. Pepper
3. bracelets
4. hugs 

My Most Favorite Pictures (because I couldn't help myself to not throwback a few things)





Favorite Books

1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky
2. The Book Thief - Markus Zusak (This author has such a knack for writing it's not even funny. He's got some magical gift that makes his writing soooo fantastic beyond words.)
3. 13 Reasons Why - Jay Asher
4. Deja Dead - Kathy Reichs

Favorite Things I Do to Waste Time (besides blogging of course)

1. Taking pictures of trees and grass and all that fantastic nature stuff in my front yard while simultaneously trying to hide from passing cars.
2. Burning CDs for all my friends because we're trying to bring that kind of stuff back.
3. Playing soccer in weather that is not so kind to my toes and fingers and legs and ears.
4. Going out to eat because food is always on the agenda.

Favorite Places to Waste my Money

1. Target
2. Forever 21
3. Goodwill (it's a new trend for the kids who are utterly broke aka everyone)
4. Starbucks

Favorite Words that Generally Work Their Way into My Conversations

1. fantastic
2. rad
3. fabulous
4. y'all

Things I'm Bad At

1. getting things done
2. not spending money
3. being consistent
4. juggling five swords while riding a unicycle across a thin wire over the grand canyon


Hopefully now I'm less of a mystery than I was before, but if not I may do a Q&A or something fantastic like that in the near future. So throw some confetti and eat some turkey and celebrate the fantastic one year and four days anniversary of Sunsets and Sundays.

Have a fabulous day.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Why I Hate Blogging

I'll be hitting the one year mark of my blog later this month and as I was drawing my thoughts from the past twelve months to make some overly cliche post about my one year anniversary, my mind took a different train for a moment. Instead of focusing on all the fantastic times I've had blogging, I've decided to take another approach:

Why I Hate Blogging 

Note: This won't replace my soon to come one year anniversary post.

1. Everyone Can Do It

The biggest beauty of blogging is ironically its greatest downfall. Creating your "one of a kind" blog is as simple as an email address and five minutes. Websites and other bloggers promise that everyone can do it, but in reality they can't and probably shouldn't. As harsh as this sounds, some people are just plain boring (and I hope I'm not perceived as one of them).

2. It's a Number Game

This is my biggest pet peeve of blogging. Everyone's obsession is either directly or indirectly related to the numbers that appear on their blog's dashboard. And I've fallen prey to this compulsion once twice multiple times before, but I've noticed some people take these figures too far. It's a sucky realization that people aren't reading your blog as much as you want them to, but every once in a while we just all need to chill out and have a muffin. If you're writing for page views and followers, you're doing it wrong.

3. Comments are More of a Way to Promote Your Blog Instead of Your Thoughts and Ideas

I want to take back my first statement in #2, because I have changed my mind. THIS IS MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE OF ALL TIME BLOGGING OR NOT. This loops back to number two like a big Christmas bow because it's probably one of the most common pawns in the number game of blogging. People leave two word comments with their blog linked to the end of their not so insightful words. Don't get me wrong, people who leave meaningful comments and then put their blog's URL at the end don't bother me. It's more like those who say "nice post *insert blog*" and call it day.

I usually don't leave my blog's URL at the end of my own comments and I usually don't mind when others do, but there's a boundary between commenting to promote your blog and commenting because you have something to say. Luckily, I've never had a comment left on my own personal corner of the internet aka my blog where the commentor's sole purpose was to endorse their blog, but it doesn't mean I don't see it happen ALL THE TIME.

4. People Quit Writing

Sometimes I see blogs that have lost the meaning of writing a blog somewhere between them posting every single day and their 1,000 blog followers that they most likely accumulated from "love your blog do you think you could check out mine?" type comments. They crank out meaningless posts of random pictures and copy and pasted recipes like a blog writing factory with the saying "less is more" meaning nothing to them.

Instead of writing a thoughtful post once or twice a week, they find a way to copy and paste a post together every single day, completely defeating the purpose of a blog: to write.


End rant, cue opposing sides' arguments and hopefully I few minds that feel the same as me.

And because I hate posting without leaving some pictures, here's a sneak peek of my soon to be written (because let's be real, I haven't started it) second fall post.

Have a fabulous day.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Fallen Princesses

Thanks to the fantasticness of social media and what not, I came across a really interesting article featuring a photographer to the name of Dina Goldstein. The story focused on her latest series named "Fallen Princesses".

(I highly suggest you read the article here before continuing reading my post.)

Essentially, Ms. Goldstein took the lives of arguably the most well known females of all time (the Disney Princesses) and captured their real world fate. I have to say this is probably one of the most interesting photographer's series I have yet to come across in my short life span in photography. I enjoy that the article has the photographer's comments below each picture because as much as I hate to admit it, I didn't "get" some of the pictures right away. Although once I read her reasoning behind each photograph I couldn't help but to think how genius they were.

One of my favorites has to be Ariel's. For those who didn't have the time to read the article, she was put in an aquarium and a little boy is gazing upon her from in front of the glass. Ms. Goldstein's comment was about how our society is fixated on beauty. We tend to capture things that are unique and extraordinary and keep them for our own pleasure and entertainment, and I couldn't agree more.

Another one that hit hard was Belle's photograph. For anyone who needs a refresher, Belle was especially noted for her beauty in her story. In her photo she has aged and is faced with the choice of whether to accept her new beauty or use modern day interventions to bring herself back to her original looks and she chooses the latter. It's a story that should even speak to the younger generation; self-image is a dangerous thing.

I'm trying so hard not to talk about every picture she shot, so I'll conclude my review with Rapunzel's picture. This princess is easily notable for her hair which is the center of her fairy book story. In her modern world fate she is faced with a harsh battle fought by numerous people -cancer- which results in the loss of her beloved hair. It's a degrading side effect for many women whether they have long blonde locks or not and the picture speaks so much.

The article mentions that the series was shot on a budget of practically nothing which kind of makes me appreciate the photos a little more. Also I noticed on another article that I read about the series that many people had an issue with Princess Jasmine's picture as they thought it implied a racist meaning, although in her defense this article didn't explain the meaning of each picture like the one I linked you all to, and some people's minds think up crazy things when they're left to their own devices if you know what I mean. I could play devil's advocate as I do see where their racists comments could be stemmed, but her choosing for Jasmine to be fighting in the battlefield wasn't for stereotypical purposes, but because this was a reasonable outcome for Jasmine's personality. She's very rebellious and strong willed therefore it makes sense that she would be the type of woman to go off and defend her country. This is just my opinion and if yours differs, I'd love to know.

All I have to say is kudos to your Ms. Goldstein, kudos to you.

Oh and have a fabulous day.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

October Favorites

The title of this post is extremely misleading, a lot of emphasis on extremely.

It's more of an explanation then anything, but bare with me here.

When I started my blog, I jumped right in without knowing what I wanted to do. I just started writing posts and then published them until I eventually found my shape and formed the blogger that I am today. I'm still forming her to be honest but it's okay as it's quite the adventure.

When I started my monthly favorites it was more to conform with the hundreds of millions of teenage girls who wrote fashion blogs than it was for my own personal enjoyment/fun. It's kind of sad as it's an exact personification of girls in internet form. I changed what I wanted so I could be like everyone else *sigh*.

On that note, the monthly favorites will essentially be no more. That's not to say I won't occasionally share my new favorite shirt or those fantastically cute boots or the mascara that really does make your lashes look 10x bigger, but not on a  regular basis. And who knows, I may eventually realize that the monthly favorites was so my thing and quitting them was a mistake, but right now I'm just not feeling it.

It's honestly weird that I'm closing this chapter as I love fashion. I love shopping and reading fashion blogs and I indeed spend thirty minutes every morning frantically searching for how I want to represent myself that day in fashion form. I just don't enjoy writing about it and more importantly I HATE trying to take pictures of my shirts and earrings and new concealer. I also hate finding the pictures on the internet after I give up on taking the pictures myself.

It's just not my thing.

My apologies if my monthly favorites were the only reason you followed my blog, but I hope as you've stuck around for all the other non-fashion posts you've grown to love other things about my space on the internet.

So let's go on with life and I'll learn new things about myself and start new things and end old things. As long as we're having fun, I guess it doesn't matter.

Have a fabulous day.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Oh, Fall.

Life is about thirty different kinds of crazy at the moment. I kinda like it if we're being honest here (and we always are), but sometimes you just need a second to breath in some fantastic fall air.

(Disclaimer: the use of the words fantastic and fall are about to be overly used to the point of insanity, read with caution.)

If fall would seriously quit being so fantastic around here maybe I could pull myself together to occasionally be productive, but other things are calling my name. Like the short life span of fantastically colored fall leaves that float off the trees and die before I can even begin to comprehend their fantasticness. Or maybe if I could quit drinking hot chocolate and chilling with my dog on our front porch I could get around to reading more blogs and stuff (I'm seriously reading blog posts written three days ago as I'm so incredibly behind). Or maybe if I didn't decide to go ride my bike down some trail in Virginia where fall is on the brink of being engulfed by winter and it's coldness and bare trees I could write my essay for English.

Oh, fall.

The above picture was a part of the bike trail I mentioned earlier. It was beautiful and fantastic and so soul warming I can't even begin to explain. It was a very easy 17 mile bike trail (with no sarcasm intended) as they drive you to the top of the mountain and everything is literally down hill from there. I passed six year olds pedaling in their light up Buzz Lightyear shoes who weren't even breaking a sweat.

The trail made me realize that I kind of want to buy an ENO hammock and fill up my Nalgene and go hike the Appalachian Trail or something. Or maybe take up something really hardcore and fantastic like mountain biking or white water rafting. I don't really know what, but I'm feeling it.

Virginia was also very far advanced in the final stages of fall by the time I got around to biking the trail, but I could still find little pieces of the third season sticking around. Most trees had already lost all their leaves, but every so often you could spot a cluster of trees sprinkled with its autumn leaves just chillin' waiting to be photographed.

It was perfect.

Please ignore all that nasty dirt under my nails. And the fact that they're not
 painted like every other 16 year old girl's. 

I've seriously become slightly obsessed with photographing fall and fall leaves and fall trees and fall anything. It's genuinely the most gorgeous season ever (especially here in North Carolina), but it always seems to slip away before I can get all the fall-y things accomplished. Before we know it, winter comes riding in on a sleigh and all the leaves fall off and disappear and the trees have nothing to them but sticks and lonely branches. 

Oh, fall, just never ever ever leave me.

I can absolutely promise you in advance that there will be another fall post. I still have a ton of pictures on my phone, but getting them from my phone to my computer to blogger is totally not something I want to do right now, but I will soon. Hopefully. Key word being hopefully.

But for now, go enjoy the fantastic and fabulous season of fall.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Last week I spent a lot of time enjoying.

It was a low key seven days. I did a little homework. I got caught up on Grey's Anatomy. I finally finished my book. I actually sorted my laundry into whites and colors and didn't let a single load vegetate in a wet lump in the washer for several hours. I picked out some cute outfits. I scored a new pair of shoes at Target for only $11.

I celebrated a new bruise on my right calf with a caramel latte, because that's just what soccer players do.

I enjoyed old friends. We sang karaoke in a a nearly bare restaurant. They weren't even having a karaoke night but we pretended like they were. The waiters really liked it. We got a standing ovation, even though they were already standing but that's not important. We also barely had enough money for dinner, making our tip a letter written on a stolen napkin from the other table and a batman sticker and a dollar fifty-three in pennies and dimes. Aka our waiter probably put an ancient African sucky tipper curse on us after we left.

Oh and did I mention they had free pie. Apparently it happens every Wednesday. Free pie Wednesday. I like that.

I made bracelets and drank too many soft drinks and refreshed Twitter approximately one hundred and thirty two times. I watched Ellen every day that week, a good indicator that I have too much time on my hands. I also sang the Sound of Music. Specifically the song where Julie Andrews sings about her favorite things. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. More specifically this kitten's whiskers. 

Oh and she liked my singing as well.

I gave up my computer last week too. But I spent the time that I usually spend online on the TV so that was a bust. I even watched Disney Channel which I'm not afraid to admit. I was hoping I could catch an episode of Lizzie McGuire but apparently they don't show that any more. Cue disappointment.

I even went to a haunted house. It wasn't really a house and it wasn't really haunted, but it was fantastic. Which it should be considering I paid $20 for a bunch of people to scare me. Do you ever think about that? The basic theory of haunted houses is for you to pay someone to scare you. Crazy mericans.

Every Sunday night, I eat at the same restaurant. It's a fabulous little pub that I think I will be able to enjoy a little more once I become of drinking age. But their food is good, which is about all I have to go on. And their chips. Homemade chips make me happy. 

I'm enjoying my tan now more than ever. It's almost November and I still got it going on. It's all natural which people usually don't believe. I don't do tanning beds because I'm pretty sure the top lid will get stuck so I can't lift it up and I'll never be able to come out and I'll melt like the Wicked Witch of the West.

The eastern part of the United States completely skipped fall. It's basically winter over here and I'm breaking out the layers and long sleeves. Although the trees are still completely full of golden bug bitten leaves. And I like that a lot.

Halloween may or may not be tomorrow, as I've lost track of the days. Either way go hard. Dress up like you're five or sit at home and watch Grey's Anatomy's Halloween episode while screaming at trick or treators to go away. Whatever cools your hot cocoa.

Have a fabulous day.

Monday, October 21, 2013

100th Post

This blog post marks a very special celebration on my list of blog-iversaries that must always always always be celebrated and noted.

And to just skip over any other cliche things I could fill this space with, I'll just throw it out there: these words mark the uber special words of a one-hundredth blog post. So special, I know.

I contemplated and tossed and turned for nights (just kidding) of what to write about. I scoured the internet for "100th blog post" posts but ended up getting sucked in to one person's blog after another.

Finally I cut the whole search cold turkey and pulled up blogger and just started writing. Even at this moment I'm still not one hundred percent sure what I'll write about, but then again I'm never one hundred percent sure about anything nowadays.

So I'll fill this space with old favorites. Old photographs. Old stories. Old blog posts. Because when you're one hundred years old, you hope to have thirty great grand kids scattered near your rocking chair listening to you telling stories about 9-11 and all the substantial life events you lived through and look at their confused faces as you nonchalantly mention Twitter and iPhones, all while you knit a sweater. And to be honest I don't know exactly how to loop that analogy back to my 100th post in words that ya'll will understand, it just makes sense in my mind which by the way should be a good enough explanation.

lol at the era of when I thought I would have time to watermark all my pictures
My 100th blog post almost coincided with my blog's one year anniversary (it's in November for those not keeping track), which then made me realize I should seriously start posting more which then made me realize I should put that on my list of things that I want to start doing come new years which then made me realize I don't even have a list like that but I should totally make one.

But back to related things.

I'm debating whether to link back to old posts because they're very similar to my middle school years and those years were not pretty. My writing style has evolved more than Britney Spears has in the last decade and when I read back on old posts I want to cry a little and have to restrain myself from deleting them off the blog world completely.

Anywho, I did find one seven month old post that could possibly be okay to re-share. Anything before that will most likely be a no-go, but you can read it here.

Now that we've declared the time before march as the "nobody look at these posts" era, I have found plenty of posts after that time that I totally don't mind re-shedding light on. One of my personal favorites for a while has been the post I wrote about a week after the Boston Marathon Bombing. I was so irritated with how worked up people were getting on social media over the bombers. Instead of putting so much of their focus on hating and lashing out on the instigators, I strongly believed they should be putting that energy into finding good people. Something that I still believe people should be doing today.

You can read that post here.

And I guess April was a good month for me because I also wrote another one of my favorites which you can find here. A lot of the pictures in that post are being re-shared on this post so I guess you can enjoy them twice as much. 

Also, a slight side note: I'm counting down the days that the below tree starts regrowing these beyond beautiful flowers. They literally had a lifespan of four days before they wilted and floated daintily to the ground. It was a tragic day when that tree lost all its little companions.

Back in August I wrote this piece. It's about thunderstorms and rain on leaves and other things that I like to describe with my words. It remains one of my favorite pieces in terms of I enjoyed writing it, which should be the way you describe all your posts, but let's face it, that's now how it always happens.

Some posts I've noticed that I just don't have myself together. The pictures were mediocre but the writing was fantastic. Or I love the point I was trying to get across but my writing just wasn't piecing together. Or the pictures that I shared were some of my best, but the content and quality in terms of words and letters isn't. This post is quite the example. Not everything is there. Not all the pieces joined together properly. But that's okay. The pictures in this post aren't my best, but the writing made me take a double take when choosing posts for this post.

And I know I just wrote this post not too long ago but I loved it. And I hope you did too. And if you didn't love it then you should probably go read it again. We could even have an intellectual conversation about it because that's the thing nowadays, intellectual conversations. They make you sound smart.

And I think this is kinda it for the whole re-sharing posts thing. We're at the point where we should all be sitting back drinking black coffee and painting our nails a deep deep red and reflecting on everything that we've learned so far.

I've passed a major milestone in this whole blog writing thing that I'm still trying to get a handle on. To be honest, I had no true intent when I started this blog. I basically woke up one day during Thanksgiving break and was like, "I think I'll start a blog today."

Literally. That's how it happened.

But I'm so glad it did.

So enjoy these last few pictures. Leave me a comment. Let me know how it's going.

And have a fabulous day.