Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Oh, Fall.

Life is about thirty different kinds of crazy at the moment. I kinda like it if we're being honest here (and we always are), but sometimes you just need a second to breath in some fantastic fall air.

(Disclaimer: the use of the words fantastic and fall are about to be overly used to the point of insanity, read with caution.)

If fall would seriously quit being so fantastic around here maybe I could pull myself together to occasionally be productive, but other things are calling my name. Like the short life span of fantastically colored fall leaves that float off the trees and die before I can even begin to comprehend their fantasticness. Or maybe if I could quit drinking hot chocolate and chilling with my dog on our front porch I could get around to reading more blogs and stuff (I'm seriously reading blog posts written three days ago as I'm so incredibly behind). Or maybe if I didn't decide to go ride my bike down some trail in Virginia where fall is on the brink of being engulfed by winter and it's coldness and bare trees I could write my essay for English.

Oh, fall.

The above picture was a part of the bike trail I mentioned earlier. It was beautiful and fantastic and so soul warming I can't even begin to explain. It was a very easy 17 mile bike trail (with no sarcasm intended) as they drive you to the top of the mountain and everything is literally down hill from there. I passed six year olds pedaling in their light up Buzz Lightyear shoes who weren't even breaking a sweat.

The trail made me realize that I kind of want to buy an ENO hammock and fill up my Nalgene and go hike the Appalachian Trail or something. Or maybe take up something really hardcore and fantastic like mountain biking or white water rafting. I don't really know what, but I'm feeling it.

Virginia was also very far advanced in the final stages of fall by the time I got around to biking the trail, but I could still find little pieces of the third season sticking around. Most trees had already lost all their leaves, but every so often you could spot a cluster of trees sprinkled with its autumn leaves just chillin' waiting to be photographed.

It was perfect.

Please ignore all that nasty dirt under my nails. And the fact that they're not
 painted like every other 16 year old girl's. 

I've seriously become slightly obsessed with photographing fall and fall leaves and fall trees and fall anything. It's genuinely the most gorgeous season ever (especially here in North Carolina), but it always seems to slip away before I can get all the fall-y things accomplished. Before we know it, winter comes riding in on a sleigh and all the leaves fall off and disappear and the trees have nothing to them but sticks and lonely branches. 

Oh, fall, just never ever ever leave me.

I can absolutely promise you in advance that there will be another fall post. I still have a ton of pictures on my phone, but getting them from my phone to my computer to blogger is totally not something I want to do right now, but I will soon. Hopefully. Key word being hopefully.

But for now, go enjoy the fantastic and fabulous season of fall.

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