Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Time Flies

Okay so I have a problem.

I have never posted my blogiversary post on time. Like ever. This year I got just a tad confused. I swore up and down that my blogiversary was the 24th of November. But it wasn't. It was the 23rd. I was ready to post this yesterday, but I was so dejected that I had gotten my dates confused that I didn't even post it. So here I am two days late. On the 25th. Oops. But I suppose it will all go on regardless.

Three years ago on this not so exact date I whimsically decided to start a blog. Literally. I thought to myself, "Wow a blog would be fun," and here I am. Like everyone says, I had no idea in the slightest that I would still be doing this gig years later. To be honest, I'm not really sure how to appropriately celebrate all of it.

As I begin the descent into college next year, I wonder how this will all change. I have contemplated changing blogs next year to signify a new season of my life that will be taking place in August, but ahh the headache that would be. Just the thought of moving my old posts over/a new name/new design/new URL makes my head spin and my stomach squirm in stress. But I have time to procrastinate and mull over this I suppose.

Back to the matter at hand though. THREE YEARS. That's a lot of years if you ask me. Longer than 77% of Hollywood marriages (a statistic I made up, but am probably close to being right). I began this blog at the beginning of my freshman year, and to think that I have this online journal of all my years in high school brings me a strange, sentimental warmth; I cannot thank my 15 year old self enough for starting this little old place.

To celebrate, I am linking back to old posts and favorite pictures. Yes, I am just that unoriginal. I am actually pretty positive I did this exact same thing last year for my blogiversary. BUT some of you are new, and I love a good look back at the past. Also, I run this place so therefore I make all executive decisions.

(I did try to be selective with the number of pictures I included, but I found SO MANY that I simply loved and couldn't cut. Sorry. But also not sorry.)

I went through a spell where I loved black and white pictures and only black and white pictures. Although this post is from two years ago, I still adore it. I am falling back in love with monochromatic pictures (isn't it funny how life seems to work in cycles?), so I certainly felt this was worth re-sharing. Monochrome (original post date: April 7, 2013).

Excuse My Impulsive Writing (original post date: October 7, 2013). This post. I love it so much even today. I always thought I'd look back at my writing in a year or two and realize it sucked, but when I find rare gems like the post above, I see writing that I would be proud of even today. Not all of my posts are still beautiful and good, but that one certainly is.

I love the photography in this next post. I'm not going to say much because it mostly speaks for itself. Dreary Back Roads (original post date: September 27, 2015).

Here's a great post on a great topic that I post a lot about (because it's so great): women! Women Women Women (original post date: March 8, 2015). Also, if you're feeling adventurous you can read the other posts I did that month for Women's History Month here, here, and here.

I am linking this post simply because of the recent events in Paris. I haven't had the chance to discuss my thoughts about said event on this blog partly because of time partly because I am still not sure I have my thoughts and opinions on all this in a coherent fashion just yet. Maybe I will post about it. Maybe I won't. But the following blog posts still holds my sentiment. There are Good People (original post date: April 23, 2013).

First World Feminism (original post date: February 28, 2015). Yes. Just yes.

Here is the link to last years blogiversary post. Might I add I am not as late posting this as I was last year. Two Years (original post date: December 6, 2014 (yes I was nearly two weeks last...oops)). This is also a post of a mash-up of old blog posts. What can I say, I'm as unoriginal as they get.

Things Only Children are Tired of Hearing (original post date: February 19, 2015). This is my most viewed post from 2015. Re-reading it I realize I sound like kind of a bitch, but I guess it worked out somehow because a lot of people saw it? Not sure. Either way, enjoy.

This next one is my most viewed post ever by a long shot. And I have absolutely no idea why because it has no pictures and is extremely short. It actually has like no topic whatsoever. I am very confused right now actually because how did this even happen? Regardless, here it is. Long Time, No Blog Post (original post date: August 8, 2013).

Hello (original post date: June 24, 2014). This post is one that makes me so grateful to have my blog; I love how I occasionally treated this place as a journal and how I can go back and look at things from monumental places in my life (despite how sad they might have been). Also, it was a moment where I was eternally thankful to have this community here to let me know they were there for me.

And on that note, I will end this shindig of a post. Thank you all for sticking around whether you started following three years ago or three days ago. It's been a great ride, and I'm more than ready for many more years of blog posts and sharing.

I cannot thank you all enough.

For the 212th time, have a fabulous day.

Monday, November 23, 2015

A Weeks Worth of Pictures: Week Three

I know that this seems to be all I am posting about these days, but I assure you a significant post is coming tomorrow. Or at least by Wednesday. I'm not always the most punctual person, but I'm sure you all know that by now.

This week I tried to get a picture every day; it didn't really happen, but I got sort of close. I didn't want to set the bar too high for next week anyways (or at least that's what I've been telling myself).


Stay tuned because tomorrow is an uber important date. Have a fabulous day.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Weeks Worth of Pictures: Week Two

I have been inundated with a 535 page book (which is luckily interesting albeit exceedingly long) and assignments that never seem to cease, but alas I bring you week two of "A Weeks Worth of Pictures." Enjoy.

My goal this coming week is to take one picture a day for this project and work my way up from there as the weeks go by. The question as to whether this will actually happen remains unanswered, but we shall see. Wish me luck.

As always, have a fabulous day. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

A Weeks Worth of Pictures

Somewhat off-handedly two posts ago, I decided to start creating a weekly photo series of my life in pictures. I like the idea of having my pictures backed up online because technology is probably one of the most unreliable things in the first world, and also blog post ideas. Obviously.

Here's to the first of many Weeks Worth of Pictures. (Also, catchier name suggestions are welcome.) (Also, I am sorry that a majority of these are just pictures of roads. That is just what has been striking my fancy lately.) (Also, I promise to bring more pictures to the time.)

This next picture is just something I found rather comical. Two girls in my English class created this witty jar a week or so ago. I keep meaning to ask them how much money they have garnered ever since the creation of the jar, but alas, I am forgetful. 

I personally think the jar really makes you stop and think about how much media plays a role in elections. There is this thing that I learned about in my political science class about how the media "sets the agenda." By only reporting certain stories, persons, candidates, etc. they set the standard for what Americans deem as important. When you look at the media as a whole, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to concur that the amount of media attention Donald Trump receives far exceeds any other Republican candidate. Is it a coincidence that he is also leading in the polls? Could be. 

What are your thoughts on Donald Trump? Does the media play a huge role in your country ?

And as always, have a fabulous day.