Sunday, April 7, 2013


Back in January I made a post centered around black and white photography. After collecting some more monochrome pictures, I'm happy to bring to you a similar post.

I automatically love pictures in black and white. They have an essence of mystery. It keeps you guessing, wondering, assuming, thinking. It leaves an entire world open to the interpreter.

It makes the picture look more complex in some ways, yet simple in others.


It's like they hold power. They're dramatic. The absence of color allows you to focus on other things. Your eyes go straight to the details. Small ones. Big ones. Ones that were hiding behind a wall of color.

Choosing to show your pictures in black and white, is like a statement. Color is the norm, but yet you chose to present them without it. It's like your own little revolt, you're swimming upstream, going against the crowd.

I've always loved how turning a photo from color to no color makes it a totally different picture. Seventy five percent of the time, I shoot in color and then turn it into black and white and I love the moment when I see the finished product. It leaves me in total awe as to how much one simple step alters a picture. It's got to be my favorite part of shooting for black and white posts.

Some of my pictures I absolutely loved, while others I was on the fence about posting them. But then again, my favorite may be someone else's least favorite, therefore the one's I like the least could be the one that a reader likes the most. So let me know which ones you favor. Maybe even the ones you dislike. We could agree to disagree. Express our differences. Enjoy our similarities. Discuss our favorites.

Have a fabulous Sunday.

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