Monday, April 8, 2013

Ugh. High School.

This is a new string of posts that I'd like to start. Maybe you're in high school. Maybe you're about to enter high school. Maybe you have a kid in high school and you'd like to know what the hell is going on in that ratchet place they drive themselves to everyday. Either way, I'm going to start my first ever "series" (because I feel that doing series is the new thang up in blogger) on high school.

I'm going to be giving ya'll the honest truth. There's no sugar coating it. It's like a freaking band aid and I'm about to rip it off with every one of your little preteen leg hairs (assuming you're the "about to enter high school" readers, otherwise ignore the above).


I've almost got my first post ready, so expect it to be up in a few short days. I'm hoping to get about five or six posts in this series with about a week in between each one, although with my track record, don't hold me on that last statement. I'm even trying to get a couple of guest posts squeezed in so if you're interested please contact me at I'm open to parents, high schoolers, teachers, anybody. I want to get and give as much insight as possible.

Some of my posts are going to be directed towards a certain audience while others are going to have a more general meaning. My goal is to provide understanding. To parents. To high schoolers. To teachers. To administrators. I want people to understand the complex pieces that make up us, as high schoolers.

I'm stoked about this new series and don't worry, I'll still have regular posts sandwiched in between. Have a fabulous week!

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