Friday, July 26, 2013

A Teenager's Reviews on Today's Popular Songs

I'd really like for this to become a regular thing as I had a TON of fun making this list and writing my own personal reviews. Basically, I've compiled a list of songs that are currently downloaded on many of America's teenage population's iPhones, and I'm telling you my verdict of the song along with a rate which is in parenthesis next to the song title.


1. Don't Drop That Thun Thun (2/10)

First of all, may I impose the question of, what exactly is a thun thun thun? And why must they repeatedly remind us not to drop it? I can't decide whether it is their lack of vocabulary or the importance of whatever a thun thun thun is that requires them to repeat the phrase, "don't drop that thun thun thun" numerous times. Although catchy, I'm finding that the many MANY many Vines made with this music will lead to the end of this "thun thun thun" era (hopefully).

2. We Can't Stop (5/10)

Somehow I find joy in Disney stars who make these rebellious comebacks that usually end in them shaving their hair and hitting paparazzi cars with an umbrella (uh, hello Brittney Spears). Obviously, Miley Cyrus is no exception and the downhill spiral is commencing. She's already shaved her head and her newest song, We Can't Stop, is clearly supposed to put an end to her innocent Disney career (as if that hasn't already happened). I was a big fan of Hannah Montana and I have no shame about it. I'm not so sure how I exactly feel about Miley's new song as peer pressure makes me want to love it, but my own mind has yet to make a definite decision. Not to mention the music video has left me-how should I say this-more "puzzled" than ever. Whether it's the smoke coming out of the one girl's crotch or the skeleton made out of french fries or maybe even the excessive butt slapping that usually belongs in a music video of a song whose only lyrics you can pick out are words that you wouldn't want to repeat in front of your grandmother. I'm not exactly sure. Whatever is going on in Miley's head, kudos to her for clearly doing whatever she wants.

3. I Love It (5.2/10)

I originally stumbled upon this song many moons ago while (sadly) watching Snooki and JWoww which I (sadly) kind of enjoyed watching. If you're unaware, this is the song that plays during the opening credits/title/theme or whatever it's called of the show. I predicted myself that this song would soon become popular with the help of the Jersey Shore empire and although it took time, here we are. I'm not a fan of overly repetitive lyrics that may or may not be the cause of a bad vocabulary, so their rating will suffer. Also, as a slightly incompetent teenager, I'm not a fan of figuring out Roman numerals so the name of the girl who is featured in the song (Charli XCX) is not in my favor. I do give them credit though at their try of a breakup song that doesn't make you want to eat a gallon of ice cream and watch super sad reruns of Grey's Anatomy (sorry Bruno Mars).

4. #Beautiful (3.7/10)

First of all, is the name of the song pronounced hash tag beautiful or just beautiful? Second of all, hash tags belong on Instagram and Twitter, not song titles. Third of all, could someone inform me on how old Mariah Carey actually is? (After a quick Google search it is confirmed she is 43. You're welcome.) Now, the title of this song just makes me want to punch a wall, throw my phone out the window, and become a nun in the distant lands of Romania. Like seriously, you had to include the hash tag in front of it? And you don't even mention the form of punctuation in your song, so what are you gaining from this? Also, Mariah Carey, you're an amazing singer and man are you gorgeous, but you're 43 years old and the mother of two kids, let's face it, you're probably not as hip as you think. You're very similar to Facebook, people still know who you are, but nobody really "uses" you anymore, not to mention you're trying to bring hash tags to somewhere where they don't belong. Please stick to Christmas music. And I don't really like the song, as encouraging and uplifting as it's supposed to be, I'm just not a fan.

5. Same Love (10/10)

This song speaks VOLUMES on so many levels. I'm a fan of white rappers as they're usually a little more less explicit and easier to understand and Macklemore is my favorite. This song is a different kind of rap too. It's slower so you can take in the lyrics, yet his voice, oh dear Lord, his voice just makes it. I don't know what it is, but I feel like he's right next to me when I listen to this song. I'm just not sure how to explain it. I like how the storyline is personal yet universal. I love the message because whether you are Christian or not, we should all accept and support gays (I'd really really really like to go into this topic later, so look forward to a post coming soon).

And there you have it.

Have a fabulous day.


  1. I really liked this post! Super interesting and great to know there are other teenagers with similar thoughts as mine when discussing popular songs like these! Great job

    1. Haha, thank you. I've been thinking of doing another post like this in the near future, but my procrastination seems to be getting the best of me.