Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Speaking Your Mind

I've had a Facebook account for a good three years now. Never once did I make a comment on a post that I thought would spark a debate. Never once did I try to put my foot into an argument, whether I knew I could defend myself or not. Never once did I speak my mind on a status that was asking for my opinion on a controversial subject.

Now Facebook has died down in popular over the past year in terms of the amount of teenagers who use it. Most of us have moved on to Twitter and Instagram, although we occasionally venture back on to Facebook. And I did just that the other day, expecting to see nothing more than a couple of "truth is..." statuses and pictures of people's most recent vacations.

But a post caught my eye, and what it said I'd prefer not to go into any detail. Long story short, a kid who only knew the stereotypes of an organization was making an assumption and one that I thoroughly did not agree with. Like I said, I usually don't comment on these things, but I thought, "Hell, why not. Nobody gets on here anyways."

And I did.

I spoke my mind and explained to the kid that the preconceived notion that he has of this orginaztion is not even true. I informed him on what they really do in what I thought was a classy and well thought out response. In all he was bashing an action in his post and not the organization itself, so I thought it would rollover well.


I received a comment from him, his mom, and a lady that I don't even know telling me that it didn't matter because they still did a certian "action" in that organization and the organziation also supported something that their branch of Christianity didn't support. They picked and chewed my response apart and ignored the good things and took the one thing they thought was bad and basically chewed me out about it. And it wasn't even a bad thing, it was just something that their religion did not support although other sections of Christianity have no problem with it. (Sorry if this is getting kind of confusing, just bear with me.)

But now I have this sort of Americano feeling. The quiet people who sit in a chair and sulk in the corner never change the world, ya know? And no, I'm not changing the world by speaking my mind (at this particular time anyhow), but there's just something about using your freedom of speech that makes you feel good. If anything, responding to his post has made me more apt to speak my mind, whether or not I know I'll stir the pot with my comment.

So go out there and comment and speak your mind and support what you believe in and express how you feel. Change the damn world.

Also, anybody know of a good protest nearby, because I'm in the mood to use my first amendment.

Have a fabulous day.

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