Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The To-Do List That Will Never Gets Done

I made myself a mental to-do list last night as I went to bed. It was a list of things that I've been meaning to do for quite some time now.

The list went a little something like this:
1. Make a new header for the blog.
2. Wash the clothes that are sitting in my suitcase.
3. Edit the pictures from Texas.
4. Start writing the Texas blog post and preferably get it published.
5. Bake cookies (this was about the only thing that got done).
6. Vacuum my room.

Like basically all teenagers, I suffer from a disease known as procrastination. And if you've found the cure, please share. And if you don't suffer from this debilitating illness, then you can go screw yourself in a hole. (Edit: after checking over this post, I have realized that that last sentence was a little harsh and inappropriate. Sorry about it.)

One of my favorite pictures of my dog. And I  swear
I wasn't holding her under her mouth so she'd look
at the camera it's just her favorite place to be scratched.

More often than not, my to-do lists roll over to the next day. But why is it that we assume that there will be a next day? I've often heard the phrases, "Oh, that can wait till tomorrow." or "It's alright, there's always next week." We as teenagers and even as humans, have this notion that we are invincible. Not in terms of we can go jump off a mountain and get back up unscathed, but we have this preconceived idea that there's no way we can die tomorrow. Or next week. Or next month. Or next year. Or even in the next ten years.

Statistically, we (as in teenagers) probably won't die very soon. Which is why the stories of people who die young hit hard because we think we're guaranteed a long life and this news snaps us back to reality.

And maybe I didn't finish everything on my list. But I went out and took a couple of new pictures, something that I've been putting off for weeks. I spent a few hours at a neighbor's pool reading a new book I picked up at the library. I got caught up on all my favorite TV shows that I missed while I was in Texas. I had an overdue dinner date with two of my close friends. I did things that were on my personal favorite to-do list, the list of things that are more like wants rather than needs.

And to be honest, we'll never truly mark everything off of our to-do lists. There will always be something that you'll have to wait till tomorrow to finish. They're always be something that you just couldn't finish in that 24 hour period. We are constantly adding new things to make an infinite list, creating the to-do list that will never get done.

So go check things off of your 'want to do' to-do list, because it's always so much more fun.

And if you do wake up tomorrow, remember to make it fabulous.

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