Monday, July 22, 2013

Poetry Mondays: The Black Beast

Black fur
tickles my face
by someone with a voice
of a purr. 

Black hair
black eyes
black paws
a soft cry.

He whispers
he hums
his heart beats
like a uniform drum.


He's a man of many noises
of many actions
of many sounds
of many things.

He roams the house
he does as he pleases
he lurks like a shark
he hides like a worm.

He's the color
of midnight
his eyes glow
like a ring around the moon
so bright.

He thinks
he's the man of the house.
but in reality
he's just an
overconfident little mouse.

He thinks he's a mighty black beast,
but instead,
he's just



Have a fabulous day.

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