Friday, July 12, 2013


I started this blog for pure fun. I thought it'd be something cool to do and look back on and a place for me to write. When I was in middle school I wrote stories. I have a laptop sitting in my room that is full of at least twenty five word documents of half written stories. Someday I'll go back and read through them and maybe even pick up where I left off, but this blog has been my new writing outlet.

And I love it.

And I love you! (All ten of you!)

But seriously. I freaked a little bit when I logged on to Blogger and saw this:

Now, 1,000 views really isn't that much especially in comparison to other blogs out there, but never did I think that anyone would see this blog yet alone 1,000 (unless there's someone out there who has viewed my blog a thousand times, either way, I'm thrilled).

And the best part is, is that it can only grow from here.

Have a fabulous day.

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