Monday, July 15, 2013

Poetry Mondays: Kindergarten

(Note: I posted this a couple of Mondays ago but Blogger was being a bitch and deleted it for some reason, so I hope you don't mind the repost.)

Ten thousands crayons
all in a box.

Fat sharpened pencils
to write out our thoughts.

Blank paper to fill
with our hearts content.

And tons of well used toys
full of knicks and dents.

It's only the beginning
of your schooling career.

The start of a long journey
full of happiness, rough days, and tears.

It's a milestone on the path
of becoming who you're destined to be.

One more hurdle
before you become free.

As you're parents let go of you
one finger after the other,

As you say goodbye
to your dad and your mother,

You're beginning the journey
that is now due,

The journey that makes
you, you.

Have a fabulous day.

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