About Me

I'm a mainstream American teenager, who wishes she wasn't so typical. I'm a writer. A photographer. A blogger. A piano player. A book junkie since I could read. North Carolina native. Feminist minded. Lover of sweet tea and Cheerwine (go look it up) and five minute thunderstorms. I'm obsessed with the TV show Bones and American Horror Story and Parks and Rec and about a million others. Sunset watcher. Full time soccer player. Seasonal swimmer. And I like the word fabulous. A lot.

I wish I understood Tumblr and had an iPhone filled with neat and soulful music. I wish I drank hot tea with just a little honey and spelled honor like honour and favorite like favourite and sat around discussing the queen of England like the Brits do. (Disclaimer, I'm not really sure if that's what they do, but that's how I imagine it.) I wish I could sew useful things like quilts, but I guess I should learn how to sew first. I wish I had curly hair and could pull off a nose ring and one day meet Ellen DeGeneres who will love me so much we'll have lunch every Tuesday.

I hate chocolate syrup and diet drinks and jean shopping. People who can draw make me want to stab them with a paintbrush. I'm an only child, and I used to envy the Duggars and their super sized family when I was eight years old.

I sometimes wonder why I'm not a Kardashian. I wonder why tie-dye hasn't come back into style and if Jon and Kate Plus Eight will ever come back on TV. I wonder why I find writing about fashion so hard and why Heidi Klum can't just do it for me.

"Be known for what you stand for, not for what you stand against."

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