Friday, January 25, 2013

Black & White

"There's just something really appealing about the simplicity of black and white images."  -Joseph Gordon-Levitt

After a recent pin on Pinterest about black and white photography, I've been aroused to capture a few myself.

I've always loved the look of colorless photos, although I've never been quite able to take any. When I'd edit photos from a shoot, I'd often run it through a black and white filter but I would always like it better in color.

There's just something about black and white pictures. They're iconic and if you do it just right, breath taking. We see the world in color and when a photo is not in color, it makes it more intriguing, different, fascinating.

If you honestly think about it, many legendary photos have been shot in black and white. Not to mention photos from sixty years ago when color was not an option, have lived far beyond their time. Black and white photos have a timeless essence, something that many photographers hope to create, as do I.

I love the power of black and white photos. The possibilities, the look, and the feelings associated with them.

This has probably been one of my favorite projects since I started my blog and I hope to do many similar posts as well.

Friday Phone Dump:

Have a fabulous Friday.

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