Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Beach Trip Through an iPhone

I adore the beach.

I'll never move to a land locked state, for the pure reason of never having a beach on the horizon. My dream is to move to somewhere like Florida or California where there's a beach on every avenue and everybody's tan (this is probably far from the truth, but a girl can dream).

If I don't move to the beach I'll most definitely buy a house there. A pink one to be exact. I love seeing all the rich and vibrantly colored houses and reading their witty names that adorn the front.

Over the past year, I've grown a love for seafood and we found a quaint little business that sells fresh fish.

And you know what my absolute favorite thing about the beach is?

Palm Trees.

They're like the universal indication for paradise. I swear there must have been fifty or so pictures on my phone of just palm trees, but I narrowed them down for your sake.

Since it was new years, on Monday night we lit off fireworks *cough cough* illegally *cough cough*. I got some pretty great pictures considering my only weapon was an iPhone.

And of course, the beach wouldn't be complete without a couple (or five) pictures of the sun setting.

The beach is like my sanctuary. I find peace in delving my toes into sand and listening to the continual lull of the ocean. There's nothing more fabulous than the beach.

Additional pictures. (Sorry for the multiple pictures of the ocean. I found something beautiful and different in each one, making an inability to narrow them down.)

 P.S. Can anybody tell me what's wrong with this elevator?

P.P.S. The pictures that were taken on my real camera will be uploaded in a day or two.


Make tomorrow fabulous.

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