Monday, January 21, 2013

Mondays Aren't That Bad

I've come to a conclusion: Mondays aren't as agonizing and dreadful as we make them out to be.

Like you know how you get on Facebook Monday morning before school and EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN POST is about how everybody's mother's brother's sister's cousin hates Mondays. Well it's not necessarily the day that is hated, it's the mere thought of having to rejoin society (going to work, school, etc.) that is really hated upon.

Like for instance, today was Martin Luther King Day and if you attend school or work for certain businesses, you have been blessed with having today off. Then when you must go back to work on Tuesday, those same Monday feelings resurface, but a day late. See what I'm getting at?

Now there's no way in humanity that I'm the first to dawn upon this conclusion, but I'm just feeling a little sympathy for Mondays. Like they can't all be bad?

For instance, the end of WWI was on a Monday and I bet it was a wonderful Monday at that.


Make tomorrow fabulous.

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