Friday, January 18, 2013

(Insert Snow Day Title Here)

Our two days of rain slowly turned into white flakes around seven last night.

Where I come from snow happens a couple times a year. Just enough for us to know what it's like, but not too much allowing us to still get excited about it. Not to mention, we always get out of school.

Although this time around the snow didn't stick and only a blanket of ice kept us from going in to school this morning. I'm not one to complain though and after all, a snow day is a snow day.

I woke up to wrap myself in my Christmas blanket and lounged on the couch until what would've been third period. I vowed to not put my contacts in until lunch time and to play new games on my iPhone until fourth period.

I sipped hot chocolate all morning while watching my favorite childhood movies, including but not limited to, Cheaper by the Dozen and Finding Nemo.

In essence it was a snow day without the snow, but fabulous none the less.

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