Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Make Mistakes

After my recent post on normality, I've been putting a lot of thought on the particular subject. I've started a quest of breaking free from normalcy, taking the road less traveled if you will.

And I'm not even referring to the thought of normality in terms of socially, blending in with your friends, peers, etc. For instance, I try to go to bed at a decent time. Usually between 10 and 11, but where's the fun in that? Nobody ever remembers the nights that they got enough sleep.

So instead I broke free from this habit and went to bed at 12. Sure, I regretted it this morning at 6, but I had one hell of a time playing Temple Run 2 and watching reruns of my favorite 90s sitcoms. Even if it was a mistake, that's the point in life isn't it? I wouldn't be a teenager if I'd never made a few bad choices.

Also this morning I made my bed. Why? Because it wasn't usual, the same, normal. It was a break from my routine. Change a habit for one day, not forever, but do it just once. Make your bed. Don't make your bed. Eat breakfast first. Brush your teeth last. Spend way too long on the computer.

Make mistakes.

Stay up late.

Don't be normal.

Have a fabulous Tuesday.

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