Saturday, December 6, 2014

Two Years

I feel like one of those dead beat parents who forgets their kids birthdays and tries to make it up to them with a gas station candy bar and a sip of their beer. Long story short, I forgot my kid's birthday. Well my blog kid, but kid nonetheless.

And I wouldn't necessarily use the word forget I just simply kept putting it off and off (and off) until three days after the actual date I was all like, "Well damn, that snuck by me."

So here we are (thirteen days late might I add) with the miraculous two year anniversary of Sunsets and Sundays.

maybe then I'd remember it

I struggle with what do for this occasion every year (and by every year I mean last year and this year aka the only two years I've ever had a blog anniversary). I see other bloggers with contests and giveaways and new posts every single day of their anniversary month, and I just gawk at them wondering how in the world they have their blogging lives together so much.

So after months days hours minutes of struggling with an idea for such an occasion as this, I am going to simply link back to my hand selected personal favorite posts of mine and slap a big bow on top of it and call it a celebration.

Without further ado, here are the best posts Sunsets and Sundays has had to offer over the past year:

Feminism {A Dictionary}

This was one of my FAVORITE posts to write as I loved every single minute of it. I'm still procrastinating the sequel, but as all things go, I'll get around to it.

International Women's Day (And Why I'm Slightly Against It)

This was back when I was in my normal feminist writing groove, and reading this post makes me miss what I love to do most.

Why Aren't Men Criticized for not Staying Home with the Kids?

(Another rant on society. I guess it's kind of my topic of choice.)

Why I Didn't Tan for Prom

Read this if you want to know more about the odd cultural practice of tanning that seems to be in abundance here in America.

The Truth About Christopher Columbus

This is one of my most accessed posts via Google. I guess a lot of people want to know the real truth behind Christopher Columbus which I can't say is a bad thing.

I hope everyone is enjoying this blast from the past as we celebrate the accomplishment that is two years in this blogging world. It's a strange thing to think that I've been writing about my life online for two years now, and equally strange to think about all the connections I've made with everyone reading this. I could have never imagined that I would find myself in this beautifully knitted together community.

I thank you all.

Have a fabulous day.


  1. Congratulations! Wow two years! That is amazing! <3

  2. I read that feminism post and I got to say that one is brilliant!More and more people should read that one :)
    Congratulations on 2 years of your blog :)

    Neal Kind
    Daily Diaries

  3. Congrats!
    I think this was a great post to celebrate your blogoversary ;)
    I'm never exactly on time either, and I think no one really minds you being a few days late. As long as you're happy to pay some attention to the fact that you've been blogging for TWO full years! That's worth something, since most people quit after two months ;)
    Happy blogoversary!

    1. Thank you! And I know, at least I actually kept up with blogging for two full years, amiright? :)