Monday, October 7, 2013

Excuse My Impulsive Writing

{This post is sort of all over the place. I like being impulsive when it comes to my writing and just play some music and let it all flow. Sorry about it, but I guess this is what I'd call my writing style if I would ever say that I have one.}

Sometimes life is too monotone.

We walk through the same motions, doing the same things, seeing the same colors. Sometimes we think we're looking at the big picture, seeing all the beauty that our seemingly three dimensional lives have to offer. 

That is until we drop our books in the middle of a crowded hallway and we make eye contact with an inanimate object that came out of hiding for just that one moment. We notice it for the first time even though its existence has far exceeded our time here. We just never saw it.

We humans are such narrow minded creatures. We see straight ahead like we are always looking through a tunnel. A never ending tunnel that few people ever get the chance to escape from. We form our own opinions and our own particular tastes and our own idea of beauty and life and who we should be as a person. We spend too much time trying to find the key to life and love and happiness and not enough time living and loving and making ourselves and others around us happy. We think too much about the shallow things and don't do enough of the things we like and want and love.

We don't see all the colors.

Sometimes it's because we choose not to, other times it's because we can't. Our minds are as closed as a Chick fil a on a Sunday making our world a muddy gray. 

To be honest, I'm not exactly sure what I see. Sometimes it's dull oranges and smooth blues and off shades of green and colors that make me feel joy and contentment and like I'm carrying a heavy glass full of happiness that sloshes over the sides as I walk, but it doesn't matter because I have enough to go around. Sometimes the whites and grays and blacks all blend together and make an ugly world of over thinking and self doubt and narrow mindedness that causes opinions of others that I barely know.

And sometimes posts like these make me feel like an out of the box teenager. I read other teenage girl's blogs and they talk about fashion and make-up and cute shoes and other things that I talk about maybe once a month. I like these things and I read about these things, but I don't necessarily enjoy writing about these things. It makes me feel like I'm trying to put my round self in a square hole.

I just wish I could find more blogs written by deep thinkers and doers and round people who don't mind that they don't fit in the square holes. I want to read about open minded people who see the whole rainbow not just the colors they like. If you happen to know any of these people I'd love to hear about them.

No more of this monotone shit, I want color.

Oh and stay fabulous of course.


  1. I love the message this post delivers and the photos are beautiful!


  2. Hey! Your writing is so beautiful, the message is lovely, and I completely agree! The world is becoming too materialistic and we are growing up too quickly. I also share your pain of having trouble finding other bloggers that are not selling their souls to get sponsorships/ be able to advertise for companies.
    Just keep doing you and I'll be right here to support you c; xx

    Much love,
    <(") Hoda

    1. I'm so glad you understand what I mean and thank you so so much! Your blog is actually one of my absolute favorites to read!

  3. This is a really nice post! I'm reading about a similar concept in this book called "Every Patient Tells a Story" (a book about medicine and patients) and it discusses how doctors only see what they want to see and often miss out important clues that can help save a life. Kind of the same thing, except a little more morbid xD After reading that and this, I have come to the conclusion that I am most certainly one of those tunnel-visioned people. Of course, realizing this is only the first step and I hope to expand my horizons (I have no idea how yet, but I'm definitely going to try seeing each and everything without bias).

    1. Realizing all of this means you've already taken one of the biggest steps (the next biggest being figuring out how to solve all this which is equally daunting haha). I'm really glad you brought up the "Every Patient Tells a Story" book because now I am incredibly interested in reading it (to the library I go!). I'm a sucker for a good medical book despite the fact that I have no interest in going into the medical field whatsoever, but I blame Grey's Anatomy haha. xD

      Thanks for stopping by!