Sunday, October 6, 2013

Farewell My Friend

I come bearing bad news and such.

Back when I had no followers (and by no followers I literally mean NO FOLLOWERS), I blogged about my neighbor's cat who frequently paraded through my backyard. I took pictures of her and rubbed my hands through her sun warmed fur and we just chilled and contemplated life together.

In all honesty she felt like my own cat.

And if you scrolled through my blog posts from the recent months, you'd probably stumble across a few gems of her. She wasn't afraid to get close to me and rarely ever ran off when I approached, making her an easy subject to photograph.

She also wasn't afraid to bite and hiss and absolutely refuse to allow me to touch her, but we all have our days.

She was a sweet little piece of hell.

Although she was originally our neighbor's cat, she was dubbed the neighborhood's cat ages ago because she went from house to house as she pleased. We all left food and water bowls out on our porches for her and we all welcomed her into our suburban plots of grass also known as yards.

We all loved that cat.

She had a faint meow and a signature walk, an I-don't-need-you type saunter. She was like the weather, always a little unpredictable. Her eyes fancied changing colors and her purr roared within her body. 

Killing tiny four legged things and rubbing between your legs yet dodging your hand that's trying to pet her are some of her favorite past times. Other honorable mentions include running from lawn mowers, refusing any kind of cat treats, and hissing at neighborhood dogs because size totally doesn't matter.

A few days ago one of our neighbors was mowing his grass he saw our resident cat strolling across the road (the one pictured in the photograph above). Our other neighbor had company over who just so happened to be leaving at the exact moment and her big suburban couldn't see our tiny little friend and I guess you can imagine how it all played out.

The car didn't exact run over her, but she was definitely hit. After the impact, she surprisingly limped/sprinted/dragged herself into another neighbor's yard. We tried looking for her some time after but she was no where to be seen. Last night we got word from her original owner that they had found her laying on their back porch dead (side note: animals amaze me everyday especially the things they do like returning to their first owners before dying or maybe I'm just giving way too much credit for a coincidence but who knows).

Long story short, this is my farewell piece to her. She was like my own animal in every way and I'll sure miss that darn cat.

So long home girl, so long.

Random watermarked picture because I never got around to doing the rest. The usual. (Edit: after some time I realized this sort of looked like her dead body which it is totally not like ew gross.)
Farewell my friend.


  1. So sorry to hear about your cat. I love your blog and I'll sure miss seeing pictures of her. :(

  2. This is so well written and I'm so sorry about your cat!