Monday, October 21, 2013

100th Post

This blog post marks a very special celebration on my list of blog-iversaries that must always always always be celebrated and noted.

And to just skip over any other cliche things I could fill this space with, I'll just throw it out there: these words mark the uber special words of a one-hundredth blog post. So special, I know.

I contemplated and tossed and turned for nights (just kidding) of what to write about. I scoured the internet for "100th blog post" posts but ended up getting sucked in to one person's blog after another.

Finally I cut the whole search cold turkey and pulled up blogger and just started writing. Even at this moment I'm still not one hundred percent sure what I'll write about, but then again I'm never one hundred percent sure about anything nowadays.

So I'll fill this space with old favorites. Old photographs. Old stories. Old blog posts. Because when you're one hundred years old, you hope to have thirty great grand kids scattered near your rocking chair listening to you telling stories about 9-11 and all the substantial life events you lived through and look at their confused faces as you nonchalantly mention Twitter and iPhones, all while you knit a sweater. And to be honest I don't know exactly how to loop that analogy back to my 100th post in words that ya'll will understand, it just makes sense in my mind which by the way should be a good enough explanation.

lol at the era of when I thought I would have time to watermark all my pictures
My 100th blog post almost coincided with my blog's one year anniversary (it's in November for those not keeping track), which then made me realize I should seriously start posting more which then made me realize I should put that on my list of things that I want to start doing come new years which then made me realize I don't even have a list like that but I should totally make one.

But back to related things.

I'm debating whether to link back to old posts because they're very similar to my middle school years and those years were not pretty. My writing style has evolved more than Britney Spears has in the last decade and when I read back on old posts I want to cry a little and have to restrain myself from deleting them off the blog world completely.

Anywho, I did find one seven month old post that could possibly be okay to re-share. Anything before that will most likely be a no-go, but you can read it here.

Now that we've declared the time before march as the "nobody look at these posts" era, I have found plenty of posts after that time that I totally don't mind re-shedding light on. One of my personal favorites for a while has been the post I wrote about a week after the Boston Marathon Bombing. I was so irritated with how worked up people were getting on social media over the bombers. Instead of putting so much of their focus on hating and lashing out on the instigators, I strongly believed they should be putting that energy into finding good people. Something that I still believe people should be doing today.

You can read that post here.

And I guess April was a good month for me because I also wrote another one of my favorites which you can find here. A lot of the pictures in that post are being re-shared on this post so I guess you can enjoy them twice as much. 

Also, a slight side note: I'm counting down the days that the below tree starts regrowing these beyond beautiful flowers. They literally had a lifespan of four days before they wilted and floated daintily to the ground. It was a tragic day when that tree lost all its little companions.

Back in August I wrote this piece. It's about thunderstorms and rain on leaves and other things that I like to describe with my words. It remains one of my favorite pieces in terms of I enjoyed writing it, which should be the way you describe all your posts, but let's face it, that's now how it always happens.

Some posts I've noticed that I just don't have myself together. The pictures were mediocre but the writing was fantastic. Or I love the point I was trying to get across but my writing just wasn't piecing together. Or the pictures that I shared were some of my best, but the content and quality in terms of words and letters isn't. This post is quite the example. Not everything is there. Not all the pieces joined together properly. But that's okay. The pictures in this post aren't my best, but the writing made me take a double take when choosing posts for this post.

And I know I just wrote this post not too long ago but I loved it. And I hope you did too. And if you didn't love it then you should probably go read it again. We could even have an intellectual conversation about it because that's the thing nowadays, intellectual conversations. They make you sound smart.

And I think this is kinda it for the whole re-sharing posts thing. We're at the point where we should all be sitting back drinking black coffee and painting our nails a deep deep red and reflecting on everything that we've learned so far.

I've passed a major milestone in this whole blog writing thing that I'm still trying to get a handle on. To be honest, I had no true intent when I started this blog. I basically woke up one day during Thanksgiving break and was like, "I think I'll start a blog today."

Literally. That's how it happened.

But I'm so glad it did.

So enjoy these last few pictures. Leave me a comment. Let me know how it's going.

And have a fabulous day.


  1. Congratulations on the 100 posts! I avidly read your blog, the content is very thought-provoking and inspirational, although I never seem to remember to leave a comment!

    1. Well thank you so much! And don't worry I do the exact same thing. I read people's blogs all the time, yet can never remember to leave them a comment!