Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Last week I spent a lot of time enjoying.

It was a low key seven days. I did a little homework. I got caught up on Grey's Anatomy. I finally finished my book. I actually sorted my laundry into whites and colors and didn't let a single load vegetate in a wet lump in the washer for several hours. I picked out some cute outfits. I scored a new pair of shoes at Target for only $11.

I celebrated a new bruise on my right calf with a caramel latte, because that's just what soccer players do.

I enjoyed old friends. We sang karaoke in a a nearly bare restaurant. They weren't even having a karaoke night but we pretended like they were. The waiters really liked it. We got a standing ovation, even though they were already standing but that's not important. We also barely had enough money for dinner, making our tip a letter written on a stolen napkin from the other table and a batman sticker and a dollar fifty-three in pennies and dimes. Aka our waiter probably put an ancient African sucky tipper curse on us after we left.

Oh and did I mention they had free pie. Apparently it happens every Wednesday. Free pie Wednesday. I like that.

I made bracelets and drank too many soft drinks and refreshed Twitter approximately one hundred and thirty two times. I watched Ellen every day that week, a good indicator that I have too much time on my hands. I also sang the Sound of Music. Specifically the song where Julie Andrews sings about her favorite things. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. More specifically this kitten's whiskers. 

Oh and she liked my singing as well.

I gave up my computer last week too. But I spent the time that I usually spend online on the TV so that was a bust. I even watched Disney Channel which I'm not afraid to admit. I was hoping I could catch an episode of Lizzie McGuire but apparently they don't show that any more. Cue disappointment.

I even went to a haunted house. It wasn't really a house and it wasn't really haunted, but it was fantastic. Which it should be considering I paid $20 for a bunch of people to scare me. Do you ever think about that? The basic theory of haunted houses is for you to pay someone to scare you. Crazy mericans.

Every Sunday night, I eat at the same restaurant. It's a fabulous little pub that I think I will be able to enjoy a little more once I become of drinking age. But their food is good, which is about all I have to go on. And their chips. Homemade chips make me happy. 

I'm enjoying my tan now more than ever. It's almost November and I still got it going on. It's all natural which people usually don't believe. I don't do tanning beds because I'm pretty sure the top lid will get stuck so I can't lift it up and I'll never be able to come out and I'll melt like the Wicked Witch of the West.

The eastern part of the United States completely skipped fall. It's basically winter over here and I'm breaking out the layers and long sleeves. Although the trees are still completely full of golden bug bitten leaves. And I like that a lot.

Halloween may or may not be tomorrow, as I've lost track of the days. Either way go hard. Dress up like you're five or sit at home and watch Grey's Anatomy's Halloween episode while screaming at trick or treators to go away. Whatever cools your hot cocoa.

Have a fabulous day.

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