Monday, November 9, 2015

A Weeks Worth of Pictures

Somewhat off-handedly two posts ago, I decided to start creating a weekly photo series of my life in pictures. I like the idea of having my pictures backed up online because technology is probably one of the most unreliable things in the first world, and also blog post ideas. Obviously.

Here's to the first of many Weeks Worth of Pictures. (Also, catchier name suggestions are welcome.) (Also, I am sorry that a majority of these are just pictures of roads. That is just what has been striking my fancy lately.) (Also, I promise to bring more pictures to the time.)

This next picture is just something I found rather comical. Two girls in my English class created this witty jar a week or so ago. I keep meaning to ask them how much money they have garnered ever since the creation of the jar, but alas, I am forgetful. 

I personally think the jar really makes you stop and think about how much media plays a role in elections. There is this thing that I learned about in my political science class about how the media "sets the agenda." By only reporting certain stories, persons, candidates, etc. they set the standard for what Americans deem as important. When you look at the media as a whole, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to concur that the amount of media attention Donald Trump receives far exceeds any other Republican candidate. Is it a coincidence that he is also leading in the polls? Could be. 

What are your thoughts on Donald Trump? Does the media play a huge role in your country ?

And as always, have a fabulous day. 

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