Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fall and Stuff

Fall seemed to end just as quickly as it arrived with its pumpkin decorated lawns and pretty leaves and chilled air that may or may not require a coat. Although autumn isn't essentially over according to the calendar, the trees and weather begs to tell a different story.

I'm enjoying things like snowman plates and half days of school because of icey roads. We even got our first snow last week, little tiny puffs of white that didn't bother to stick to the millions of blades of grass on hopeful kid's front lawns, but it was alright. It was a good omen for the upcoming winter, which we are all crossing our fingers has a forecast littered with snow.

Most of my pictures today are in black and white as I'm finding that's my new favorite filter (although it's not really a filter at all). I love how the two colors allow you to focus on details and the usually unnoticed aspects of pictures. Tiny ridges and wrinkles and spots seem to dance when they're colored with black and white.

But back to fall. It's been cheerful and crayon-y and warming to my soul. Colors and happy things like cider and sweaters melt in my pot of fantasticness (a great thing to have by the way). Fall always seems to slip away unnoticed after the cold weather and snow slam into the atmosphere and nobody every wonders whatever happened to the season of red leaves and chilly air.

Poor fall, you will be missed.

And my apologies for the shortness of all of this. I'm way behind in school and people time and blogging and reading other's blogs and life, but who isn't nowadays? I'm currently averaging three mental breakdowns every week over classes, but shoutout to those fantastic people who made sure I could go to school as a female. I'm also struggling over the thirteen hundred (just a rough guesstimate) things on my to do list which I haven't even accomplished the first thing which is to write down the to do list.

But who cares. Let's all take a deep breath and makes some Christmas cookies or something.

Have a fabulous day. 


  1. Great photos ! I love your blog ;)

    check out my blog please? : ♡

  2. I like the photographs! The black and white effect looks nice but that vibrant orange is amazing Q.Q

    1. Thanks so much! And I agree, black and white makes the pictures look interesting and yet oranges and other colors give photos a completely different, yet amazing look.