Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Until Then

I took an unintentional turned intentional week and a half break this month. I had a lot of final homework that was shoved in my face the week before we got out for break and although I've been out of school for almost four days, I'm still trying to tie up some loose ends.

Also I feel I need to address something that I wrote on my last post. I've been planning this super fantastic new blog series that I intended to start last, last Monday (not yesterday, but the week before). The thing is, I totally chickened myself out of it that day during school. I had everything written and typed and all I needed to do was get myself to click publish. I had a lot of anxiety in starting the new series to begin with, and I'm just not there yet. Until I can talk myself back up, it'll sit in the drafts folder, but maybe some day in the coming new year I can bring myself to share it with you.

Not only have I not written one word on the blog for almost two weeks, but I haven't taken a single picture. You'll have to live with a re-share for the time being, but I've got some ideas for a post tomorrow that will include pictures and real thoughts and a post that hopefully has a meaning. Maybe.

Until then, have a fabulous day.


  1. Aww I was waiting for this surprise thingy.
    Good luck clearing out your academic work!

    1. Aww I'm sorry you were looking forward to it, but maybe I can get myself together in a week or so and post it! And thank you!