Thursday, August 1, 2013

Before School Nesting

It's about that time of the year. Back to school commercials are playing, tax free weekend is about to commence, and I've already gotten a phone call from my school to come pick up my schedule.


Another summer is almost finished.

I'm not gonna lie, I enjoy picking out new school supplies and getting all organized and buying new clothes. I like to call it before school nesting. You go on a mad hunt to find all the necessary things and promise yourself that you're actually going to write down your homework assignments and you're going to keep your locker and all your binders super organized. You plan out your outfits for the first couple of days, you intend on actually eating breakfast and making your hair look great and not forgetting to brush your teeth because you slept in ten extra minutes and you have to leave RIGHT NOW.

In your mind, all you see is a clean slate ahead of you. It's the perfect time to start something new, do things right, and stop getting that feeling in the middle of the year where you wish you had done things differently.

But no matter how many times you guarantee yourself that you'll stick to your plan, your old routines start to resurface. It's a viscous cycle. Old habits die hard.

Every year, I tell myself how I'm going to do things differently. And every year, whether it's the day after school starts or even five months after school starts, I go back to my old ways. I choose sleep over how I look. I quit writing down my assignments and leave it to my brain to remember everything. I procrastinate on my book report and finish it at one in the morning the night before it's due. 

And all that before school nesting—all that planning and organizing—falls to the wayside.

Once again, like every other year, I'm making a list of things that I swear to myself I'll actually follow through on. And honestly, in years past, I have kept many of these things going for quite some time before giving up. I once picked out my clothes for the entire week every Sunday for a good six or seven months in like eighth grade (I was a little OCD and I still am lol). And you have no idea how much time that saved me, not to mention last year I repeatedly sat in my room in my bra and underwear for ten minutes without the faintest idea of what I wanted to wear, wishing I had picked out my clothes the night before because I had to leave the house in ten minutes.

This year, I actually want to pick my clothes out at least the night before and quit procrastinating on every project I'm handed and have my binder that I shove all papers into—important or not—cleaned out and organized at the end of every week.

And maybe this year I might actually follow through on all these wonderful plans.

Or maybe I won't.

Hope you guys have a fabulous school year.

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