Sunday, August 25, 2013


I really wish blogger allowed you to use emojis because the title of this post would be that one that has two big streams of tears coming out of its (are emojis boys or girls?) eyes and flowing down he/she's face and it's eyebrows are all slanted and distressed and just pitiful and sad-like.

Anyways, back to more pressing matters.

Life is starting to pick up.

My weekdays are filling up with school and soccer and dance and church and homework. I'll actually have more to do in life than sit on the couch and blog and watch reruns of Grey's Anatomy and play Candy Crush on my phone. The days will gradually become the same routine and the weeks will start flowing until I stop and realize that oh my hot lanta it's already December.

And why am I telling you this?

Because from now on, there are going to be a lot less blog posts. And most likely a lot of the posts will be lacking pictures as writing comes very easily to me and I can do it in the car and on my phone where taking pictures requires the right setting and is a lot more time consuming.

I'm aiming on writing one post a week, but I can promise you I'll be trying so hard to do more than one. And I can also promise that you may not here from me for weeks at a time. I go through super busy stages and then super slow stages in terms of school work and life in general and usually my blogging patterns reflect that.

Let's just say I'll be very busy living life.

And if anybody out there would like to do a guest post please please please let me know. Hit me up. Shoot me an email. Leave me your blog's URL. Do what you gotta do.

Have a fabulous day.

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