Sunday, January 26, 2014


I woke up in the middle of the night last night and the first thing that came into my head was that I'd been out of school for a week yet hadn't written a single blog post and it all seems funny now, but at 4 in the morning I became totally worried and freaked out that I had done nothing in the essentially 8 school free days that I just experienced. Yeah sorry, whatever, I'll try to maybe work on it, but I'm finding that opening my blog posts with "sorry I haven't written anything in a while" paragraphs are kinda my thing.

Somehow Tuesday morning at one a.m. I found myself watching American Horror Story and I watched five straight episodes until going to bed at nearly five thirty in the morning, scared out of my mind at every flash of light. It was the best worst thing I've ever started and I finished season one in an entire day, which is an accomplishment I'm totally proud of. It's a fantastically rad show though if anyone is looking for something to waste their time on (but in an extremely good way).

Also, I started reading The Fault in Our Stars over the weekend which is quite possibly the best book I've ever devoted my time to. I was a little slow in actually getting around to reading it, but I'm kinda glad the flame of the book is slightly dying down so I don't seem like one of those band wagoners who reads a book just because everyone is talking about it. I'm only halfway through, but John Green is the raddest author ever.

At the moment I'm currently fuming over a couple of things in the news which has now spurred this idea of mine that I hope to make happen this week. I'm going to take a handful of news stories and rant about them for a blog post or two. I have a lot of rage over the world to say the least. You can read the two I plan to conquer here & here. Read up and do your homework and what not.

Try not to enjoy your Monday too much & I hope your day has been fabulous.

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