Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Admittance and Love

I'm about to start my I have three exams in two days mental breakdown, but I figured I'd write. It helps sometimes.

Today we watched the news in my civics class (because that's what you do when you have your final exam the next day) and I don't want to dig too much into cliches on you all, but my heart melted. Melted. We watched a story that was spurred by the video below. Watch it and let your heart melt too.

The young man was accepted into Clemson which is a college in South Carolina that is quite competitive and well known even where I live even though I'm from another state. He was joining their ClemsonLIFE Program which is specially formatted for kids with special needs. 

It's not even so much that he as a kid with Down Syndrome was being able to go to college or that I want to applaud Clemson for the way they're practicing inclusion (although both these things are outstanding), I just had to share the video as it's just so soul melting and heart warming and filled with joy and happiness that only comes from finding $10 in your pocket or realizing your birthday is tomorrow.

Down Syndrome is something that I often find myself deliberating upon when it's two in the morning and sleep is running in the complete opposite direction of my body. It's funny because I don't have an aunt with Down Syndrome or a brother or a best friend or any sort of relationship that would justify me laying awake with these thoughts. They just happen. I think about the lack/abundance of acceptance in some areas and the way people still use the word retard and how someday I might even take a step off the bridge of mainstream-ness and fear and just adopt a child with Down Syndrome.

There's a young man and a young lady at my school who both have three 21st chromosomes and they bring me joy just in the way they walk to lunch or interact with other students (special needs or not). I love seeing admittance and love between them and others. It's a special thing, admittance and love.

So go forth with admittance and love and kindness and have a fabulous day. (And if you're looking for more inspiration check out this post. Fair warning; your heart might just melt again.)

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