Friday, January 17, 2014

Not Really Sure What This Post is About, Therefore Any Title Would Be Misleading

I finally finished my first semester yesterday with my *insert snobby voice* North Carolina Final Exam in Civics and Economics. In all honesty, I spent half the time taking the exam and the other half trying to figure out the best way to construct my strongly worded letter towards the NC General Assembly, but that's a different story for a different blog post.

A huge heads up that this is most likely going to be a bunch random pieces of whatever comes to mind. The pictures are just things that have been sitting on my phone for a good seven months. Enjoy.

These kinds of posts are starting to get on my nerves as they have no real meaning whatsoever except boring you with the little tiny bit of my life that I'm desperately trying to cling onto. I can easily describe my week in the three words studying and pizza rolls. Not to mention some kid at my school convinced me to download Clash of Clans after one of my exams and dammit I'm addicted. It's some testosterone-y game that includes training an army and killing other clans and yeah, I'm ashamed to be admitting all of this. Although I'm guaranteed the company is making big bucks as you can buy "gems" which allow certain tasks to be completed faster and considering how impatient the male population is, I'm sure they're making bank.

On a slightly fascinating note I taught/googled myself how to hot wire a car and break into combination locks. I don't know if this indicates I'm a future felon or that I'm going to have some pretty good party tricks in the near future, but either way I'm sure it'll entitle me to some new friends with tattoos and criminal records.

I'm completely off of school next week thanks to a national holiday (holla to my man MLK), an exam I don't have to take, and some oddly placed teacher work days, so I'm trying to fill my time with learning useful skills. On Monday I'm hoping to teach myself how to play the Ukulele and on Tuesday I'm going to learn how to break into house locks (you know for when you forget your key and stuff). I haven't decided on what to do for the other three days, but it'll probably be somewhere along the lines of finding new music and writing chapters in the sort of book that I'm trying to write that's beginning to consume my life (but in a totally fantastic way).

This coming week should be completely fantastic nonetheless.

I know, how much more basic can I get. Ignore the shittiness and soak up that sun set.
So enjoy your weekend and maybe teach yourself the Ukulele too or how to make a bracelet out of a spoon or learn sign language or find a documentary about the origin of species or something.

Hope your day has been fabulous.

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