Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Is It Cold in Here?

The term cold is currently the biggest understatement of my life right now. It is COLD where I live right now. COLD COLD COLD. Yesterday we were in the single digits, which to some is not too shabby, but considering we just came off a week of 40-50 degree weather, the five degree world I woke up to on Tuesday was not pleasant.

I have a two really not so fantastic tests that I need to devote myself to right now, so this will be short. I'm just here to say I'm alive and doing something with myself and occasionally eating and sleeping and trying to find time to shampoo AND condition my hair.

On the bright side I found this really fantastic film camera and if anyone knows of a user's manual floating along the depths of the Internet for this camera that would be great. I changed its batteries and such (which allowed me to turn it on), but I'm clueless on everything else. If anyone also knows of where I can find cheapish film, what film would be best for this camera (there was an already used roll inside, but I'm not positive if its the best film for the camera), and how to insert the film within in the camera, that too, would be fantastic.

As of right now, this delightful camera is making a fantastic decoration for my room, but I'd love to actually kinda, ya know, take pictures with it.

Because of our freakishly cold weather, we've been having two hour delays like nobody's business, therefore I had time to snap my "outfit of the day" (God bless, someone send me to an institution because I just used that uber overly used, mainstream word). It's just one, because I honestly have more important things to do in life, but it's better than nothing.

Have a freakin fantastic fabulous day. 

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