Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas and Other Wonderful Stuff

I had a pretty unmemorable Christmas as I slept through most of it thanks to some alien sickness that never got a diagnosis. We had plans to visit family and such, but along with I, both my parents fell sick as well. It wasn't fun to say the least, but luckily that ship sailed away.

I went back to school last Thursday while many of my other peers who lived in different counties laid in bed as they don't go back till tomorrow. Sigh. The county that I live in is very undecisive when it comes to our school calendar (it's had three major changes in the past three years) and this January 2nd-two day school week-end of Christmas break fiasco came as no surprise. I'm also very irritated that first semester is still happening and we don't even have exams until another week and a half. Last year we had all of our exams the week before Christmas break (just like every college in America) and we got to spend our Christmas break carefree and came back to school to a new semester with new classes and it was a fantastic new start. I loved it to say the least. This year thanks to a new calendar which came as a result of a new piece of legislation passed by the NC General Assembly that said we couldn't start school before some date in late August (something tells me it was August 26th), there was no way we could start school early enough that our end of first semester could coincide right before Christmas break, therefore making our exams after Christmas break. Thanks to all this I spent my break studying for my exams that the state still hasn't given my teachers a clear outline as to what will be on it. Let's just say they're trying to cram everything I've learned in Civics and Economics into a 25 question test with roughly 20 being multiple choice and 5 short answer, give or take a few. Not to mention, I'm pretty sure our General Assembly has more important laws to be making instead of some idiotic law stating that school MUST start after their appointed date as I don't see why that even matters. Sigh.

Excuse that last paragraph honestly as I didn't really mean to even go on about that rant, but I am angry angry angry about all this. 

Back to Christmas.

It wasn't a fantastic Christmas to say the least, but my healths back and life is still going on and I'm thankful for getting to live through another holiday and all that jazz. 

Our Christmas tree is being packed away today and I'm mourning that piece of fake plastic branches (judge us and our fake tree as my parents have "allergies" that compelled them to purchase our current tree three years ago no matter how many times I say I wish we had a real one). Either way Christmas ended and I'm trying to come to terms with those two words. I wish I wasn't so attached to holidays.

(You all enjoy that picture of me. It's the closest you'll ever get.)

Over break when I wasn't coughing up my left lung, I went back to writing a story I started three months ago. It's coming along fantastically, but I'm also extremely picky. I got about four chapters in two months ago and as I was re-reading it I decided I totally hated my writing and I just needed to restart. And I did. I love the story idea I came up with, just not the words I was using to tell it. So another blank document later and I'm getting places. I keep wishing that I can quit school and just devote 100 percent of my time to this blog and my in-the-works book, but all I can do is keep wishing.

I'm always in this love-hate relationship with my book. I want more than anything to write, but there's never any time in the day which makes me hate everything writing. That sentence doesn't really make logical sense, but my feelings don't make sense 100% 75% of the time, so there you have it. You would think I could carve out time for something I love, but it's proving to be a hell of a challenge. I keep telling myself that if I ever get lucky, I could someday have all the time in the world to just write and write and write and maybe receive a pay check somewhere in between. But until then, I'll just struggle to get a paragraph written in a weeks time.

This blog post is proving to be uber long and full of ramblings and I'm not even sure I have all the pictures in here that were meant to be shared on this post. Oh well. Here goes nothing.

Have a fabulous day.

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