Saturday, January 11, 2014

Life Update (Of What Little Life I Have)

I was excitedly knocking off days in my nonexistent calendar as this Friday rolled around. I have a lot planned for this weekend. Friends to catch up with, homework that needs some finishing up, and exams that need to be studied and prepared for and stressed about and cried over. I'm wrapping up the semester this Tuesday with my exams taking place the following Wednesday and Thursday, although I'm pretty positive none of y'all care about that.

Good news is that a new semester is within sprinting distance.

I got an ENO for Christmas and it's just as fantastic as I imagined it to be. This picture is rather old (I'm thinking I took it the weekend after Christmas) as the weather ever since the New Year has been either rainy, single digit temperature cold, or a combination of the two. It's a sad time as all I want is to lay in my hammock and be happy, but that day will come.

Also, now that I own an ENO I feel I'm one step closer to just being able to live in the wilderness for the rest of my life. I hope to start going camping with some of my friends especially once spring/summer/fall hit. But for now, I'm enjoying (occasionally if weather cooperates) laying out in the yard.

We got some fancy new fast food restaurant in my town/city/somewhere in between a town and city about a month ago called PDQ. I've been wanting to try it out and as of last Wednesday I am no longer a PDQ virgin. It was everything I hoped for in a chicken sandwhich, yet sadly paid almost $8 for everything you see here plus a drink. It's a bit pricey considering it's fast food, but it was EXTREMELY good.

I also made a bracelet out of a spoon the other day, which I can easily say is one of my best accomplishments in life. It took some figuring out and trial and error, but two spoons later I finally made a good one. I bought the spoons at Goodwill for only a quarter, yet the are 'you actually going to eat with those spoons?' look from the cashier's face was priceless. 

I'm hoping to make a little money off these things and went to Goodwill and picked up $3 worth of spoons and I've turned almost four of them into bracelets, yet I'm not positive how much to sell them for. They cost practically nothing to make, just 25 cents for the spoon, yet they take a reasonable amount of manpower to twist/hammer/bend.

Just out of curiosity, would anybody actually pay for one of these fantastic things/how much would you pay for one?

*insert picture that was supposed to be put up around Christmas time*

On a side note, I'm slightly in love with the song The Gambler by fun. It's just fantastic. That is all.

Blogger is being an ass and made it really complicated and irritating and hair pulling out maddening to put this post together, so please excuse anything that could possibly go wrong when I hit the publish button. And some time I hope to go back being my philosophical self, but until then enjoy these trivial posts.

Have a fabulous day.

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