Monday, September 16, 2013

What Else is New

I'm juggling too many balls at once.

One or two or sometimes even three have to drop before I can accomplish anything. Sometimes I have to let all but one drop to the floor with a thud so I can do what needs to be done. Some days I can toss them up and let them circle in the air with ease and others I'm scrambling to pick them up. 

Long story short, I'm struggling. Not necessarily to the point of I'm way in over my head and something is going to have to give, but the piece of sanity I'm holding on to is slipping from my fingers. But what else is new. 

On the bright side I'm regaining my school-soccer-dance-homework-blog writing legs.

And to be honest I have nothing of real substance to write today. So I'm just not going to write.

Side note: ohmygoodness little tiny droplets of dew are my new favorite thing. The list changes quite frequently if you haven't noticed by now.

Have a fabulous Monday, if such a thing exists.

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