Monday, September 2, 2013

All You Can Do Is Live It

Have you ever thought about how there's someone out there who is having the best day of their life?

Someone is finding out that a long awaited kidney will soon be their's. Someone is giving birth to a beautiful little baby. Someone is tying the knot with their best friend. Someone is finding out that their book is being published or their song hit the number one spot on iTunes. Someone is meeting their child for the first time in an orphanage tucked into the far corners of the world.

No matter how sucky or awful your day has been, there is somebody out there who is currently living through the best moments of their life. And for some reason, I just love love love envisioning this. Thinking about how someone, somewhere is having a hell of a good time, soaking up every moment of the best day of their life while I'm sitting in math class.

And then there's the opposite.

Someone is finding out their child has died. Someone is finding out they lost their job. Someone is finding out their spouse has been killed in the war overseas. Someone is finding out that the lump in their arm is something so much more. Someone is sitting at home, contemplating if their life is worth going on with.

Life could be worse.

And it could be better.

But every day of your life can't  be the best day ever and neither can every day be the worst.

Life is hard. But at the same time it is so fulfilling and beautiful and wonderful and fabulous. And at times it can be completely working against you and nothing is going the way it should and things are awful and discouraging and just plain wrong.

Life is all these things. It's fulfilling and awful and beautiful and discouraging and wonderful and lonely and fabulous and I want to punch the wall sad.

And I just don't understand it.

So I guess the only choice we have is to live it.

Have a fabulous day.

P.S. Let's all take a moment to acknowledge the watermarks on these pictures. Like do you realize how much more legit this makes me feel? And over the next couple of weeks I plan on slowly going through all my old posts and watermarking ALL those pictures as well, so pray for my sanity please. Carry on now.

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