Saturday, June 29, 2013

June Favorites

Because sometimes I like to be a normal teenage girl, I'd like to do something a little more girly.

I've always wanted to showcase my favorite products. As a girl, I've spent mindless hours browsing through rows of nail polish at Target, tried thirty million shades of lipstick, and used every product to ever hit the shelf that claims to prevent split ends. It's like nobody has ever bothered to say to me, "Oh yea. This product works really good."

I mean don't get me wrong. I've got friends, that are girls, that do girly things. So obviously, we've exchanged a few beauty secrets in our time, but some things you just don't want to ask. Some things you just feel stupid about asking, as if it's some sort of common sense information that every girl is born with.

I'd like to start making a list of my favorite products every month. What I found looks really cute. Or works like freaking amazing. Or I just absolutely love.

So at the end of every month I'd like to showcase my top five products of the month with a picture and a couple sentences. 

{And no, I was not endorsed by any of these companies, but if any of the said companies are reading this, an endorsement wouldn't hurt.}


1. Moroccan Argan Oil Penetrating Oil for Dry & Coarse Hair {basically any store that sells hair products} {$8.49}


I would SWEAR by this stuff. I use it basically anytime I straighten/curl/ or blow dry my hair and it is definately worth every penny. Thanks to this magic in a bottle, I rarely get split ends which is great as, like every girl on this planet, I'm trying to grow out my hair. I buy mine at Walgreens and a lot of times they have a buy one get one free on their Moroccan Argan Oil products so I'll buy two bottles,  basically getting it for $4 a piece! Also the bottle doesn't look very big, but this stuff lasts me nearly six months at a time (although I only use it about two-three times a week).

2. Mossimo Supply Sandals {Target} {less than $20}

(Sadly, I wasn't able to find these on the Target website to check the price as I am unable to remember or get a better picture, although I just purchased these shoes a couple of weeks ago.)

I am a sandle-aholic. I LOVE LOVE LOVE me a good pair of sandals and these definately top my list as my favorite pair to wear, which if you've seen my shoe collection, that is a BIG compliment. Although I love color in my sandals, these are great as they go with almost everything (except black of course!) and as with most sandals, I can wear them with dresses, shorts, and practically any pair of jeans.

3. Aviator Sunglasses {??} {Varies}


This one is a tad misleading as it isn't a certain pair of aviator glasses, but the style in general. I've basically spent my whole summer in these rad shades. I got mine at Target for $12.99. They have a splash of turquoise in them, which I love as they make them a little different from the basic gold/brown color scheme.

4. Faux Traingle Studs {Forever 21} {$1.80}

Forever 21

I'll start this one out with the statement that FOREVER 21 IS MY FAVORITE CLOTHING STORE EVER. And I say clothing store because if I said it was my favorite store then I'd be lying because it's a tie with Target. Anyways. If I had to choose one pair of earrings to be superglued to my ears, these would be my choice. They're so simple yet go with almost everything and I just love them. Enough said.

5. Mary Kay Mineral Powder Foundation {Mary Kay Consultant} {$18.00}

Mary Kay

If you would've told me last year that I'd be spending nearly $20 on just foundation in the future, I would've thought you were crazy. Don't get me wrong, I love me some makeup but $20? HELL NO. But it's happened and I love this stuff. Mine lasts me about 5 months, although I follow the "less is more" logic in terms of makeup so you may use it up quicker. I've suffered from acne ever since middle school and I'm still trying to get rid of that shit, but this stuff is a LIFE SAVER. My face has been clearing up in the past year but this stuff seriously covers up my acne better than any foundation I've ever used.


This post is more of a trial run in terms of pictures. I tried taking pictures of the products against the carpet, wall, a piece of paper, everything I could think of, but nothing really suited me. So right now, I'm just using pictures from their websites but hopefully I'll start taking my own.

Fingers crossed that I remember to do this monthly too.

And remember, make tomorrow fabulous.

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