Monday, June 3, 2013

Poetry Mondays: See the World Through Your Own Eyes

The sun descends below the Earth
every single night.
The moon welcomes himself into the sky,
by shining just as bright.

Sometimes I wonder;
do they ever meet?
Do the sun and the moon
pass each other as they go to their job 
or is that an impossible feat?

Do they come from different places?
Do they sleep when they're not in the sky?
Are they ever in the atmosphere at the same time?
Do they watch us with their eyes?

I'm sure there are simple scientific answers
but where's the fun in that?
Science is for those,
who still see the world as flat. 

They have no imagination,
no sense of humor, a real stick in the mud. 
They believe in science
which is never any fun.  

So make your own crazy answers, 
make the inanimate come alive. 
Believe what you want
and see the world through your own eyes. 

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