Thursday, June 27, 2013

Beach Trip 2013

What seems like ages ago (or maybe a week ago) I went to the beach on a family vacation. Unfortunately, not many pictures were taken but I do have a few that need to be shared.
This is like one of my favorite pictures EVER

There's not much that needs to be said about my trip. I soaked it up like the beach girl that I am. I played in the ocean like a little kid, running in until I was so deep that I would run out in fear, trying to make it to shore before a wave would wash over my legs. I built sand castles like a little kid. I rode my bike like a little kid. I relished in the seaside town like a little kid in an unfamiliar city. Let's just say I reconnected with my childhood, which is something we all disconnect with for far too long.

So mend the chord between yourself and your inner kid and give your childhood a call.

Have a fabulous day.

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