Sunday, May 12, 2013


There's a lot of life left in my life. It's like a peice of notebook paper with only one line written in and a lot more to fill. 

I see the world as a big place with big opportunities to change it. After I graduate college I just want to drift from country to country, volunteering my time, offering my services, and giving my love. I  want to settle down with my husband and adopt our family. I want to bring in children from our own country and from other countries and welcome them into our home. 

I have so much desire to do all these bigger and better things welled up inside me. I want to do things and meet interesting people and make my time on Earth fabulous. I want to have some beautiful and worthy story to tell my old teachers and old friends and old colleagues when I happen to run into them years later.

Not everything that I want to accomplish is big. I want to learn sign language and how to knit and how to ride a unicycle and how to write with my opposite hand and how to solve a rubics cube and how to sew. I want to read fifty books in one summer. I want to go a whole month where I write a blog post every day. I want to save up $500 and gamble it all. I want to get a tattoo. I want to write a book.

I want to save someone's life. I want to play an integral part in someone's personal world. I want to loosen someone's burden. I want to make someone feel loved.

I never want this "wanting" desire to flicker out. It fuels my character and the decisions that I make and the paths that I travel. It brings me blessings and memories and an excitement for who I could become. It makes me want to take leaps as big as the Grand Canyon and give so much of myself to others. It makes me want to be that change, be that person, be that movement that inspires people.

I want to change the world, would you like to join me?

Have a fabulous day.

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