Monday, May 20, 2013

Poetry Mondays: The Game of Life

I always loved
The Game of Life
the board game that is
where you had kids and found a wife.

I played it all through
my elementary days
the stiff, hard board
with colors array. 

But now I've grown so much
that the game is real
real people real challenges
the genuine deal.

Setbacks are more
than a few red spaces back
money isn't just
some bright papers in a stack.

You can't make up new rules
you can't cheat your way through
you can't end the game when things aren't going great
you just have to make do.

But wouldn't that be something-
if you could just restart
throw the board up in a fit
when things start to fall apart.

Or your luck could be changed
by a simple flick or a spin. 
If your mishaps were forgotten
by the time the next person wins.

But in The Game of life
there really is something to learn
sometimes you make the decisions
and then sometimes life takes a turn.

Have a fabulous Monday.

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