Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Cat of the Hour

For those of you who are long time readers, you know about my neighbor's cat. She'd often creep up on me during a shoot and I'd always snap a couple shots of her. She's scattered about in my blog, a couple of pictures of her here, a couple more there, she's a regular customer. I believe she hasn't made an appearance in a while, but this will most definitely make up for it.

I saw her wandering around my backyard after a couple of weeks of hiding last night. I hadn't seen her in almost a month and I saw an opening of opportunity. The sun was in the beginning stages of a sunset and the lighting was just beautiful.

It was a fabulous two minutes. Literally. Two minutes was all I spent with her before she sauntered off onto her next destination. She's a mysterious creature, I'll tell ya.

I hate to turn this post into some cliche metaphor about a cat's life, but I just can't help it. She fascinates me, her day to day life, her go wherever she pleases nature. I kinda like it. I wish I could just drop everything and travel, move from city to city, country to country, seeing landmarks and new people and enjoying interesting dishes.

But in all honesty the reality is that it's quite impossible to live like her unless you have some remarkable financial circumstance. But a girl can dream.

And I sure will.

So start your week off right. Eat what you love. Go to the pool. Enjoy the sun. Pet your favorite feline a few more times. Tell people you love them.

Have a fabulous final two hours of a Sunday. 

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