Monday, May 13, 2013

Poetry Mondays: As I Look Up and Stare

I used to write poetry a good bit when I was in middle school. As a class assignment we had to write a new poem at least once or twice a week and I loved it. I loved coming up with metaphors and personifying nature and the way my words flowed. I quit for quite some time, but I'm coming back. Every Monday I hope to bring you a new poem written by yours truly, starting today.

The finger length grass brushes my ankles
like a paint brush on a canvas
although this one leaves me no masterpiece.

The sun beats down
filtering between millions of leaves
as I look up and stare.

The forest encompasses my body
as I lay on a barren piece of soil
as I look up and stare.

Every plant dances with the wind
to the tune sung by a lone bird
as I look up and stare.

I catch glimpses of clouds through the trees
and the warmth of beaming rays on my body
as I look up and stare.

The fragrance of sweet sweet flowers
fill the air and blow with the wind
as I look up and stare.

I close my eyes seeing nothing but black
a scary, unknown black 
then I open them

And look up and stare.

Have a fabulous Monday.

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