Friday, January 16, 2015

Winter Break in Pictures


Winter Break ended last week, and I'm back to life as I once knew it. In order to curb my sadness and to document what is left of those precious two weeks, I bring to you my Winter Break in pictures (of course).

ENO lights for the win. I received a new phone over break that is able to take artistically blurry pictures (or at least that is what I like to call them).

What is a break without a cute puppy you may ask? Not one I would like to attend, that is for sure. 

Late night hammocking in the cold. But not in the dark courtesy of some fantastic ENO lights.

The best present I could have ever received. It's beautiful and wonderfully written all in one. All hail Amy Poehler, all hail. 

I ran a short lived spoon bracelet sweat shop over break. Just me, a hammer, and the cold. They made beautiful Christmas presents if I do say so myself.

And I do realize the name of my blog includes the word sunset. And I do realize I rarely post pictures of sunsets on here anymore. But hopefully this makes up for it. I entitled this one, "casually blurry."

Have a fabulous day.


  1. Such cute pictures! The puppy is so adorable! What's its name? And Amy Pohler-- I watched her host the Golden Globes and she was hilarious. XD

    xoxo Morning

    1. His name is Jake! I watched her host the Golden Globes as well, and I'm pretty sure I laughed so much I couldn't contain myself. :D

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you although sadly he is not my puppy haha! :(