Monday, January 12, 2015

Summer List Review {My Point and I Do Have One + The Diary of Anne Frank}

This is the seventh installment of me reviewing a list of books and movies I set out to read, watch, and enjoy throughout the summer (even though this is going up in the winter). You can check out my other posts in the following links. 
Sixth Installment

I'm not gonna lie....this was a strange book to read. I love Ellen. A lot. Like a lot a lot. When I was 14 I used to religiously go home and watch her talk show like a stay at home mom because hello, it's Ellen Degeneres.

I bought this book for a dollar at a church thrift shop which I found ironic considering Ellen is gay, but hey, I'm glad they were able to overcome that. Long story short, the book was written in 1995 which was before I was born and well...before Ellen had come out as gay.

Overall, My Point...And I Do Have One was hilarious which I expected nothing less from because it is Ellen. It wasn't necessarily a memoir, but a collection of random stories that Ellen "embellished" just a tad to add some humor. 

I particularly enjoyed it yet did find it humorous when she made slight remarks about men/dating/relationships because the Ellen that wrote the book isn't really the same Ellen today. Also the back of the cover looks like an early 2000s boy band CD cover. (I wish I could find a picture for you, but alas it does not exist on Google. Go figure.)

The book though is essentially a rambling of Ellen's borderline strange thoughts, and it was an acquired taste if we're being real. Eventually I found myself actually laughing out loud during the book (which is quite rare), but I do understand why some people didn't like the book (I read the Amazon reviews because I often need inspiration for these book reviews).

Overall, a great book if you're a fan of Ellen Degeneres, but otherwise, you probably wouldn't find it quite as humurous. 

I had seen bits and pieces of this movie in 8th grade when our class read The Diary of Anne Frank, but because of our principal's policy of limiting movie time we weren't allowed to see the whole thing (public education at its finest).

It was a great movie that I don't think needs a synoposis as I'm sure everyone reading this is familar with the story of Anne Frank. There seem to be multiple remakes of her story, and yet it still remains timeless. I think the advancement of technology and the movie making process helps create a new dimension in each movie.

Late last year (October/November-ish) my community theater put on a production of Anne Frank. For a local theater it is actually very good at putting on well acted and set up plays, and The Diary of Anne Frank was no exception. I enjoyed it more than the movie to be honest, but I think that was just simply the realism and close knit feeling that you get with plays.

Anyway, the story of Anne Frank never gets old to me. Even though I know the outcome, I always find myself hoping she will get out alive followed by disappointment in the end when it does not happen (tell me I'm not alone this).

Great movie is all I must say.

Have a fabulous day.


  1. Ellen is so funny XD
    I love wasting time on YouTube watching her show :D :P

    1. I know, right? I'm always happy to find other fellow Ellen lovers. :)

  2. I FEEL THE SAME. I read the book and I'm like "LIVE ANNE, LIVE" and then the book ends and we find out that her family gets caught and I'm like "NOOO"
    Every time I read the book. (which is like, only twice. I can't handle the ending well enough to go over it again and again ;-;)

    1. THANK YOU. I spent so much of that movie (and the book) truly believing that Anne would live and then BOOM DEAD *cries*.