Monday, February 16, 2015

Life: Updated

School let out two hours early today based on the prospect of snow (and all quarter of an inch did indeed fall). School is cancelled tomorrow based on—once again—the prospect of snow. Can't say I'm disappointed. North Carolina is infamous for cancelling school over the prospect of a single snowflake—a situation that makes many of my northern friends laugh.

I will add this early release allowed me time to catch up on my blog reading. All two weeks worth of posts I might add. I shelled out three hours of my time for this, but I'm happy to say I am now completely caught up on my blog reading. That is until I find myself utterly behind in the next week or so. A girl can try though, a girl can try.

Unfortunately, a lot of my teachers realized the impending danger of a day of no school and was sure to overload us with homework to be completed upon our next arrival. On another unfortunate note, I have seemed to have caught some sort of flu/cold/undiagnosed illness. Despite my sickness, I went to school today because missing a day of calculus is comparative to shooting one's self in the foot before a marathon. Missing calculus is only certifiable if one is on their death bed and unable to lift their calculator. Other than that, go at all costs. I am also currently living in denial by not taking my temperature and just hoping a NyQuil induced sleep will cure all by tomorrow.

The informal good-bye that is necessary when leaving calculus.


I plan to spend this next day slaving over my United States history textbook and scaring myself with the prices of law school. I'm also hoping to make a dent in the three books wasting away on my to-read list. I might even pre-schedule some blog posts, but let's not set the bar too high.

Have fabulous day.


  1. I wish my college got cancelled because of snow but then again it doesn't snow in Delhi lol :P

  2. You should definitely consider Law School, I have done much (much, much, much) research into Law over the last year and from what I've read on your blog you would be well-suited to it!

    Good luck with the calculus, that calc-you-later joke made me laugh, even though I'm ashamed to admit it... Hope to see some posts from you soon :)

    1. *blushes*

      Well, thank you. I've been putting in some research over the past few weeks concerning law school and the like and things are looking pretty optimistic (although how I'll pay for it is a different story haha). Also I'm glad you found the calc-you-later joke as funny as I did the first time I saw it (believe me I laughed WAAY too hard). :)

  3. Where I live it's -10 and there's a foot of crusty snow and we still have school :P My school is also right in the middle of the city, so they never cancel it like they do in rural towns. Only one snow day so far this year.
    You're lucky to live in North Carolina, though!
    I feel you with the Calculus thing. I'm only 14 and am in Geometry but I'm also in honors bio and to miss a day of either of those is sure death. My friends keep telling me to stay home cuz I have a bad cold, but can't miss any school!
    (By the way, I'm appreciating the Parks&Rec reference:)

    1. I don't think I have ever experienced -10 although the low for tomorrow is 0 F and I'm dreading that haha. We are out of school today as well for "low temperatures" *laughs*. I always feel that no matter what classes I'm in I always DREAD missing school since it's such a pain to get caught back up. Also, I'm soooo glad you got my Parks reference. :)